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a series of jumbled thoughts


I was thinking about making this a Currently post but I have so many random thoughts I want to write down and that post format wouldn’t really work. So, here’s a bullet point list of all my unorganized thoughts:

* It was so unbelievably cold last week. I’ve found that once the cold weather really settles in, I can handle 20 degree weather fairly well. But sub-zero temperatures? With winds that cut through your clothing, down to your bones? I could live out the rest of my life in Chicago and NEVER get used to it.

* A little over a year ago, I started using MyFitnessPal, which has really been key to eating better and planning out meals. That combined with my heart rate monitor has been pivotal to losing 15 pounds in the last year. Could I have lost that weight faster? Sure, probably. But I work out four times a week (if possible), eat well during the week, and tend to have a few beers and pizza on the weekend. I’m just glad that I’ve been able to lose the weight and actually keep it off without any drastic changes.

* Wedding planning is still in full gear. I found my dress a few weekends ago at BHLDN. We’re meeting with our potential officiant on Sunday and I’m trying to figure out the flowers. But the bigger stuff, like our DJ and photographers, have been locked down. I feel like we’re doing pretty well. We’re still 7 months out (to the day!), but it does feel good to have so much ready to go.

* My little sister just turned 18 almost two weeks ago and in a matter of months, I’ll be going home for her high school graduation. Just last night we talked about her choosing a college (she didn’t get into her first choice unfortunately, but did get into a lot of other great schools). I am still processing this information, which just makes me think about my own mortality. Ok, being dramatic but still. Nothing makes you feel quite as old as a sibling you watched grow up before your eyes.

* It’s weird to think about how we’ll be moving (again) in a couple of months. We really were hoping that our current apartment would be a long-term living situation, but Alex and I have realized that for a bit more money (which we can afford), we could upgrade to a bigger place. We’ll definitely need the space after the wedding and to be honest, I’m kind over our neighbors. They party and drink and smoke a LOT. I just want to hang out on my couch on a Friday night without having to Febreeze the crap out of my living room because the weed smell keeps seeping in. So the hunt begins again! I hope we can stay in our current neighborhood, possibly another nearby area (I’m already looking at Edgewater/Andersonville even though I swore I would never live off the Red Line).

That’s all for now. February has always been one of my least favorite months, but thankfully it’s the shortest one of the year. I’m looking to forward to it coming to an end. I’m looking forward to having some fun this weekend, which includes seeing “What We Do in The Shadows” at the Musicbox and getting some amazing pizza at Piece with some friends.

What’s life like for you right now?


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