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playlist: winter blues 2016

Count on Chicago to still be dealing with snow and frigid temperatures in the early days of March. As I sit here, writing and working and waiting for spring, here are the songs that are still currently making up my playlist:


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Michigan – The Milk Carton Kids
The Devil’s Tears – Angus & Julia Stone
First Floor People – Barcelona
The Mute (Acoustic) – Radical Face
Everything Starts Where It Ends – Lovedrug
Re: Stacks (Bon Iver Cover) – Oscar Isaac
Lost at Sea – Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s
Big Black Car – Gregory Alan Isakov
Meadows – Wild Child
Wait – M83

I’m hoping to make a concentrated effort to share something before leaving for Italy at the end of the month. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be turn 30 this year and what I’d like to do before then. This might be the weekend to do it, considering that there are at least two more days of snowy weather headed our way.


five things friday: on the verge of turning 29

So, I’m turning 29 tomorrow, which is pretty crazy to me. In celebration of getting older and hopefully also wiser, here are a few things I love at the moment:

I’m a huge fan of Daniela Andrade’s music. Gotta show some love for a fellow Daniela and Latina, after all. Her cover of Regina Spektor’s “Us” is so, so good:

I just recently discovered local jewelry studio, Mineralogy and I sorta obsessed with her pieces:


Theresa’s custom work is also really beautiful. These are a just a few pieces I would definitely splurge on and buy for myself (clockwise from left): white topaz teardrop ring, diamond solitaire necklace, chrysoprase and druzy cuff bangle, and grey druzy gold stud earrings. For those of us in Chicago, Mineralogy now has a a storefront in Ravenswood. Otherwise, you can check out the shop online.

Although I have plenty of artwork and a limited amount of wall space in my new apartment, I love Luke Gram’s art prints. If and when I’m in the market for more prints, he’ll be the first I buy from:

The weather in Chicago is FINALLY warming up, so I’m making the effort to try new paleta recipes. Mashable put together a great list of coffee-based paletas and I definitely need to make the ones with dulce de leche:


And last but certainly not least, I randomly stumbled onto this art project in Mexico and really, really love it:


The Mexican government asked the Germen Crew, a youth organization that specializes in grafitti and street art, to revitalize the Palmitas neighborhood in Pachuca, a town northeast of Mexico City. There’s even more photos and a video of their work here. I think this such a beautiful, brilliant idea and the community has had such a positive response.

As turning 29 isn’t incredibly significant (other than this is my last year in my 20s), I’m keeping it low-key and doing dinner and drinks tomorrow night. Maybe the big 3-0 will call for an actual celebration. Have a good weekend!

five things friday – nov 20th

To give you an idea of how much I’ve been procrastinating when it comes to my blog, I have been putting off this Five Things Friday post since Oct. 17th. YIKES. But here I am, making a little effort since I finally feel like I have some time to do so.

I’m realizing that writing for myself only happens on a rare instance these days and I want to try and battle against that. Not too long, I wrote pretty much everything down and these days, I hardly make the effort. Sure, I tweet and post pictures on Instagram but I’m not archiving thoughts and memories like I used to. I probably won’t ever get to the same consistency again, but I’ll still try.

So what I have I been up to? Wedding planning has been a constant for the last couple of months; we’ve actually locked down our date, venue, and caterer already, so I feel pretty accomplished. I could go into more details on all that, but I’ll save that for another day.

I’ve also been gearing up for my family’s visit (they get in on Monday morning!) and Christmas shopping. I really love celebrating Christmas. Our tree will go up next Friday, I’ll scan Black Friday sales (but I shop from the comfort of my own home), and prepare to bake an obscene amount of goodies over the next couple of weeks. Since I’ll be in Chicago this year, I’ll most likely be putting together little care packages for all my friends filled with cookies and cupcakes since my extended family won’t be around to eat everything I bake.

Alright, now to the point of this post! Five things I’m currently loving:

(1) I’m sort of obsessed with trying and/or making delicious-sounding fall cocktails. I’ve bookmarked so many pages that there’s no possible way I’ll get around to making all of them, but these two are the must-haves at the top of my list:


I love making sangria. I have a go-to recipe I always use but this autumn sangria made with apples, pomegranates, and figs sounds too good to pass up. And this spiced pear and bourbon cocktail is something I know my whiskey-loving fiance would enjoy. For even more fall cocktails, check out the lists put together by Glitter Guide and The Everygirl.

Since the holidays are around the corner, hot chocolate is another staple in my apartment. Why I love my usual recipe–a tablet of Abuelita chocolate, skim milk, and a peppermint stick–this hot chocolate guide from SheKnows is awesome enough to inspire me to try something new:


It doesn’t end there though! They also have a few choice recipes to choose from, including red velvet hot chocolate. All this is enough to inspire me to try making my own marshmallows as well.

I’m really excited to go check out Warby Parker’s first frame studio in the Midwest, which is right here in Chicago (in Lincoln Park to be exact). The space looks so cute and they’re offering free portrait sessions, which I definitely need to take them up on. I just bought my 2nd pair of frames from WP recently but Alex is in need of new frames himself, so he’ll be my excuse to go check out their storefront. :)


Learn more about the store here; they’re located at 837 West Armitage Ave.

So if you’re like me, you’ve come to associate the song “God Only Knows” (originally by The Beach Boys, of course) with the airport scene from Love Actually. Dorky, I know BUT it’s one of my favorite holiday movies (#1 is Elf because it’s amazing) and when I found out about the BBC’s version filled with tons of artists (Lorde, Elton John, Florence and Machine, Sam Smith, and even Dave Grohl), I immediately loved it:

(5) Last but definitely not least, I legitimately cackled when I saw this on tumblr yesterday:


For those who might not get the reference, it’s one of many random lines from Paul Rudd’s ridiculous character in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And because of Chicago’s notorious, ever-changing weather regardless of the season, I find myself singing this pretty regularly. So much so that when I showed this to Alex, he knew it was something I needed to own. It’s definitely on my Christmas wish list now!

This weekend is filled with preparing for my family’s arrival on Monday, and then a fun-filled week with them in town ending with Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday!

music of the moment: ingrid michaelson

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Ingrid Michaelson (so much so that she has her own Pandora station on my phone). Her latest album, Human Again, came out a couple of months ago and it’s really, really good. But the main reason why I’ve been listening to her non-stop lately is actually because of a cover song she recently released.

At this point, I’m sure almost everyone EVER has heard “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Goyte. I originally wasn’t a huge fan of the song but after listening to it a couple more times, I was hooked. And just when I thought I was done listening to this song on constant repeat, Ingrid released a cover version that I completely adore. You can listen to it here. :)

music of the moment: angus and julia stone


Every so often, Pandora will play a new song I’ve never heard of before that I actually like. “Big Jet Plane” by Angus and Julia Stone is one of those songs.

Angus and Julia Stone (a brother and sister duo from Australia) popped up in my Florence + the Machine station last night and I immediately loved this song. I’ve basically been listening to it non-stop since. I haven’t really listened to much of their music before this, but I’m definitely interested in hearing more.

What new music have you been listening to lately? :)