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five things friday: on the verge of turning 29

So, I’m turning 29 tomorrow, which is pretty crazy to me. In celebration of getting older and hopefully also wiser, here are a few things I love at the moment:

I’m a huge fan of Daniela Andrade’s music. Gotta show some love for a fellow Daniela and Latina, after all. Her cover of Regina Spektor’s “Us” is so, so good:

I just recently discovered local jewelry studio, Mineralogy and I sorta obsessed with her pieces:


Theresa’s custom work is also really beautiful. These are a just a few pieces I would definitely splurge on and buy for myself (clockwise from left): white topaz teardrop ring, diamond solitaire necklace, chrysoprase and druzy cuff bangle, and grey druzy gold stud earrings. For those of us in Chicago, Mineralogy now has a a storefront in Ravenswood. Otherwise, you can check out the shop online.

Although I have plenty of artwork and a limited amount of wall space in my new apartment, I love Luke Gram’s art prints. If and when I’m in the market for more prints, he’ll be the first I buy from:

The weather in Chicago is FINALLY warming up, so I’m making the effort to try new paleta recipes. Mashable put together a great list of coffee-based paletas and I definitely need to make the ones with dulce de leche:


And last but certainly not least, I randomly stumbled onto this art project in Mexico and really, really love it:


The Mexican government asked the Germen Crew, a youth organization that specializes in grafitti and street art, to revitalize the Palmitas neighborhood in Pachuca, a town northeast of Mexico City. There’s even more photos and a video of their work here. I think this such a beautiful, brilliant idea and the community has had such a positive response.

As turning 29 isn’t incredibly significant (other than this is my last year in my 20s), I’m keeping it low-key and doing dinner and drinks tomorrow night. Maybe the big 3-0 will call for an actual celebration. Have a good weekend!


mexico, lindo y quierdo

I knew since before I left for Mexico that I would want to sit down and write about my experience. It was only a matter of when and it’s sadly taken me a few months to finally sit down and collect my thoughts. But now that I finally have the time, I find myself struggling to really put it into words.

I knew that going to unfamiliar parts of my home country would be a great experience, but I didn’t really realize what a profound impact it would have on me. Much like my trip to Central America, I worked unbelievably hard. The days were long and hot and I almost always slept like the dead because of how tired I was. But when we weren’t working, we did manage to have some fun. We ate and drank and explored. I’ve always known that much like the States, Mexico is vastly different depending on what part of the country you’re in. I had just never seen it for myself.




Cuernavaca, while rather busy and crowded, had hidden oases in the form of beautiful gardens and pools. Puebla took me by surprise. As part of the project site we were visiting in Cuernavaca, we made the three hour journey with the local group to Puebla. Upon entering the city limits, I was taken aback by how modern the buildings were. Puebla is one of Mexico’s most historical cities that has been able to embrace both new and old. We worked and stayed in the colonial district, where old, colorful buildings make up the majority of the area surrounding the zocalo. We only had a day and a half in Puebla before driving to Mexico City for our flight to Monterrey. I already know that I have to go back someday.



I also went back to Monterrey for the first time in about 7 years and it’s still very much the city I’ve always loved. It’s a city of industry but surrounded by a gorgeous mountain range. We traveled 6 hours outside of city to a remote region and stayed in cabins at a national park. After easily one of the longest work days of the trip, we were treated to BBQ and drinks by a waterfall. Definitely made the day worthwhile.




The trip ended in coastal Mexico. We landed in Puerto Vallarta and traveled north to a small, sleepy beach town called Chacala. I’m grateful that the last leg of the trip was the most calm, serene place of the bunch. It’s probably also the region that I miss the most, but eating on the beach for several days, with fresh fish and fruit constantly at your disposal, it’s to be expected.


I walked away from this trip with a renewed love for Mexico and a sudden need to travel more. Maybe it’s because I’m coming to end of my 20s and I’m realizing that I haven’t gone any further than Central America. We live in a vast, beautiful world and I have yet to even a see a fraction of it. That’s something I need to desperately change.

So, I’m hoping to make traveling a priority over the next year. I’m hoping that if an opportunity presents itself, I’ll seize it rather than talk myself out of it. Whether it be for work, or with Alex, or with friends, I’d like a few more stamps in my passport.

Here’s to making that happen before I hit the big 3-0.

five things friday – may 9th

Another Friday, another five things post! I really am attempting to make this a somewhat regular thing. So without further ado, let’s get this started:

So remember my whole treat yoself post? I’ve actually managed to stick to that, in small, minimal purchases. But I recently splurged on something that I’m currently considering a very early birthday present to myself:


I pre-ordered the Everpurse Mini a couple of weeks ago and I’m so, so excited to get it this summer. I’ve written about Everpurse before and I kept putting off investing in one. When I heard about the Mini, I realized that this would be perfect for me because I totally need to charge my phone on the go and I’m in dire need of a new wallet. My current wallet, which was actually a birthday present I bought myself when I was 23, is about the same size. I ordered mine in teal because it’s easily my favorite color. The low price I ordered mine for is no longer available, but you can still pre-order the Mini if you’re interested.


Guys, Alex and I really love Anthony Bourdain. We’ve pretty much watched all his shows (No Reservations, The Layover, and now Parts Unknown) and Alex has read all his books. Now Bourdain has gone and cemented my admiration of him with this post about Mexico. I love the amount of respect and admiration he has for Mexican food and culture, and how he’s not afraid to call out America’s attitude towards its southern neighbor. His most recent episode of Parts Unknown takes place in Mexico City (there are clips up on CNN’s website). While the D.F. only gives a peek at what life was and continues to be like in Mexico today, it still shows that Mexico, despite the strides its made in the last few years in the face of danger and civil war-like situations, has a very long way to go.

This video has been everywhere lately but I feel compelled to share it here as well. ‘Look Up’ is a spoken word short film that talks about how consumed we are by technology today. And you know what? I’m TOTALLY guilty of this sometimes. It’s honestly become a tick; I’ve picked up and started scrolling through my phone without even realizing it. I do it when I’m bored or distracted, or even when I’m out with people. I love my phone, social media, and tech today as a whole, but I do think that it can be consuming at times. I definitely need to start paying more attention when I’m with my friends or out to dinner. Alex and I are going to get sushi tonight and enjoy the lovely weather we’ve been having, so I know that’s a place to start. I’ll leave my phone in my bag for once instead of having it within reach on the table.


[image courtesy of buzzfeed]

Although I’ve still been consistently baking my own granola (at least twice a month because it’s so freakin’ easy to do), I’ve been looking to mix up my daily breakfast. One of my new favorite things (which I actually just had for breakfast this morning) is overnight oats. I toss all the ingredients into a mason jar before bed, top with fruit in the morning and enjoy at work. I’ve been trying a few variations, including a recipe from Lauren Conrad, but my go-to version is: 1/2 cup of soy milk, 1/2 cup of oats, 1-2 teaspoons of chia seeds, and then add a handful of blueberries, banana slices, and a spoonful of peanut butter in the morning to top it off.

Last but not least, my latest music obsession: Lorde. I can’t stop listening to Glory and Gore; it’s easily my favorite of her singles. A close runner-up: Ain’t It Fun by Paramore.