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paleta making, take 2

I am in full-on denial right now about summer ending. I know that fall sounds lovely (IN THEORY) to lots of folks, but I’m still clinging to these warm, sunny days like my life depends on it. I’m really hoping that Chicago will still be fairly warm (damn this unseasonably cool summer!) until late September, but that might just be wishful thinking on my part.

Anyway, last summer I went on a paleta making spree and this summer was really no different. I made some of my staples from last year, and also tried out a few new ones, including Maura’s vegan fudge popsicles which were of course, super delicious.

My most recent recipe was one I revisited and tweaked from last year. I was super happy with the results, so I thought I’d share it:


Coconut lime yogurt paletas
Makes 6 paletas
Adapted from The Corner Kitchen

1 14-oz can of light coconut milk
1 cup of plain Greek yogurt (I used Trader Joe’s brand yogurt)
1/4 cup of agave syrup
1/2 cup of sweetened (or unsweetened) shredded coconut
Juice and zest of two limes

Blend together the yogurt and coconut milk. Once it’s fully mixed, add in the agave syrup and lime juice + zest. Either blend in or mix in by hand the shredded coconut. Freeze the paletas for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. Run the molds under warm water for at least 30 seconds and then wiggle the paleta out. Enjoy!

Summer isn’t over yet, so enjoy it while it lasts! I know I will.


summer obsession: homemade popsicles

I’ve noticed that around this time of year, the biggest blogger cliché starts to rears its ugly head: the pining for fall. All you’ll hear is how much they love it and how they can’t wait for summer to end.

Sorry, I have to disagree with y’all there. Maybe it’s because I live in Chicago and it’s fairly frigid up here for the majority of the year. Maybe it’s because I’m from south Texas and fall just doesn’t exist back home. All I know is that I LOVE summer. It’s easily my favorite season and I never want it to end. Don’t get me wrong, I like sweaters, crunchy leaves,  and all things pumpkin as much as the next girl, but I like street fests, sunshine, and cold beer on hot nights a whole lot more.

Luckily for me, Chicago is in the middle of a heat wave this week, which means that summer isn’t going anywhere just yet. This weather also fuels my current obsession: making popsicles. In June, I bought a popsicle mold set from Crate and Barrel (on sale for $10, woo!) with the intention of making popsicles ALL THE TIME. And I stuck to my guns, because I’ve been making them nonstop for the past couple of months.



Clockwise from the top left: coconut yogurt with lime, watermelon margarita, coconut mango, and avocado.

I’ve made the coconut mango popsicles twice and they’re easily my favorite. However, I replaced the sugar with agave nectar and I definitely prefer the taste. And I know that avocado popsicles might sound weird, which I totally get, but my friend Maura came up with a recipe that makes them sweet, creamy, and oh so good. Alex is obsessed with this recipe so I’ve made them a couple of times so far.

This weekend I just tried out a new recipe from the always awesome A Cozy Kitchen for cherry lambic and cream popsicles. Beer and fruit in popsicle form? Yes please!


I just tried them last night and they are SO GOOD. A great combination of tangy and sweet. I may have to search for more beer popsicles to try and make. I’m also on the hunt for a good chai tea latte popsicle recipe (because how delicious is iced chai?). All I know is that I’m definitely going to squeeze in another batch or two before the end of the month.

I know that I’m probably alone in my love of homemade popsicles, but someone please tell me that you love summer as much as I do. I’m not ready for it to end!