currently, march edition


March flew by and I’m not sad to see it go. We have dealt with wacky weather and the stress of apartment hunting all month and while I’m already done with one (yay new place!), I’m not so patiently waiting to be finished with the other.

I’ve got a lot going on, so I’ll attempt to break it down:

Listening to: I am loving all the tracks I’ve heard so far from Death Cab for Cutie’s upcoming album, Kintsugi. It’s a lot closer to their older stuff than the last two albums and while it’s sorta obvious that Ben Gibbard is referencing his relationship with Zooey Deschanel and his extreme hatred of LA in the lyrics, it makes for good music. My favorite track so far is Little Wanderer. Oh! And I can’t forget how obsessed I am with Florence and the Machine’s new track, What Kind of Man. Ugh, SO GOOD.

Thinking about: Moving at the end of April. Being gone for the majority of April on a work trip. How insane April is going to be, in general. Fortunately, Alex and I have already found a new place to move into (and we’re heading a little further north, to Andersonville) but I’ll be gone for the 2nd half while I travel to different parts of Mexico with the broadcast media team at work. I’m excited that I get to take part in this, similar to the Central America trip I took in 2013, but I know I’ll have to hit the ground running with cleaning and packing when I get back. I also feel pretty guilty that Alex has to do the majority of packing by himself. I hope April will fly by so that I’ll have at least half of my sanity intact by the time May rolls around.

Looking forward to: Flying home to Texas in June. Tickets have officially been purchased! I’m going to see my sister graduate from high school (THEY GROW UP SO FAST, YOU GUYS) and my family will be throwing Alex and I an engagement party, backyard BBQ style. Even though I don’t eat meat, these are the best kind of family gatherings and I can’t wait to see everyone. I haven’t been home since Christmas 2013, so it’ll be nice to head back and soak up some wonderfully hot weather.

Reading: Amy Poehler’s book is sitting on my nightstand, waiting patiently to be finished. I’M SORRY, AMY. I swear I will take you to Mexico with me so I have something to read on the plane.

Watching: Jane the Virgin. I had some serious doubts when they announced this show (an adaptation of a telenovela) but oh man, IT’S SO GOOD. The characters, the only slightly over the top storyline, the actors… seriously, it’s really great. Gina Rodriguez (aka Jane) won a Golden Globe for her performance in this show, which should is proof alone as to how good it is. And it just makes me so happy to see a show filled with Latinos.

Making me happy: Finalizing wedding plans, including picking out invitations and buying my wedding dress (!!!). Surprise flowers from my sweet fiancé. Random date nights at our favorite sushi restaurant. Girl Scout cookies (samoas are my jam).

[photo: death to photo stock]


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