so here’s to 2015.


Well hello there, shiny new year! It’s nice to see you. 2014 was one for the books but I have a feeling 2015 is gonna be pretty damn good.

The first four days of this year were nice and relaxed; I took an extra day off work to make it an extra long weekend and just out at home, cleaning and doing laundry. I did some yoga, I squeezed in a lady date, had drinks with friends, and I also had a cozy night in with veggie chili and beer.


The big thing happening this year? Well, I’m getting married in approximately 261 days (according to our registry anyway). With that comes a name change (which I hear is a big pain in the butt but I’m going to do it anyway), combined finances, and calling Alex my husband. Kinda crazy, but exciting at the same time. We’ve talked a lot about what marriage means to us and have both agreed that our relationship/partnership is great the way it is; getting married won’t change that. On a lesser note, this is also the year I turn 29. Yay?

As for resolutions, I’m not super big of setting any. But I do want to set the right tone for this year, so I’ve set some short term and long term goals:

1. Pay off credit cards and save — My credit card debt climbed up quite a bit thanks to the holidays but I’ve officially put myself on a spending freeze until at least three are paid off. It’s definitely doable; I just need to get out of my bad habit on randomly purchasing/splurging on stuff I don’t really need. I also turned back on my automatic deposit to my savings account since we have a trip to Texas coming up in June AND we are officially moving again at the end of April. I’ve got a payment schedule put together and I’m using Ready for Zero to monitor my cards and loans. 2015: the year of fiscal responsibility!

2. Try new classes at my gym & incorporate more yoga — I put a lot more effort into working out and eating well beginning in mid-2014. And you know what? It paid off, because I’ve lost 18 pounds since then. It’s crazy to me how heavy I was at the beginning of the year, but I’ve made some huge strides. I still indulge during the weekend (I could never completely give up beer) and it’s made me realize that I don’t have to starve myself to lose weight. This year, I want to keep up that momentum while trying out new workouts via online videos and my gym, while also trying to squeeze in yoga once a week. Doing yoga on New Years Day, even just for 30 minutes, reminded me how nice it is to relax and stretch your body. I’d also like to lose a bit more weight, but I’m trying not to make that the focus of my goal.

3. In with the old AND the new — Looking back, this was a goal of mine last year and I completely failed to make it happen, but I still really want to start using my 35mm camera again. And I actually have film sitting around at home too, so I really have no excuse. As for the new, I’ve finished up all the HTML/CSS courses on Codeacademy and am slowly moving into Javascript and JQuery. I’m also thinking about taking some Skillcrush classes later on this year, if I manage to stay on track with the free courses first.

Other than those three main goals, I’m going to be taking this year as it comes. I hope I can make time to write, I hope I keep learning and growing, and above all, I hope it’s fun.


We’re finally getting some snow around these parts and a bitter cold has set in this week. I guess this is Chicago’s not-so-gentle way of reminding us that yes, it is winter and that the month of December and it’s strangely mild weather just led us into a false sense of security. I’ll try not to let the sub-zero temps get to me so early into the year.

Happy New Year to everyone out there. What do you wanna see happen in 2015?


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