five things friday – august 8th

Hey there! So I’ve been 28 for a full week now. I can’t say that I feel any different, but it does feel weird to say I’m 28. For whatever reason, it seems like a much larger number than 27. Maybe it’s just me freaking out internally since 30 is just around the corner (yiiiikes). Anyway, I celebrated my birthday with my closest friends and delicious drinks (like a blueberry margarita, which was SO GOOD). I had wanted to post this last week, but birthday shenanigans got into the way. And now, here are five things on a Friday:


I’m going to let you guys in on a secret: I don’t like baking pies. I have pie fear, in the sense that I believe if I try to bake a pie, it will not turn out well. I made an apple pie once, with sub-par results. I’m not sure if it was the crust or the filling, but I didn’t love it and have avoided making them since. However, I recently discovered an equally delicious pie alternative: galettes. You guys, how did I not know about galettes until just now? Seriously, they’re so much easier to make and don’t require the top crust layer (which I think has also played a role in my pie-related downfall). Last weekend, I made this peach galette and looooved it. The recipe calls for either vegetable shortening or coconut oil in the crust; do yourself a favor and go the coconut oil route. It’s much better for you, I promise.


I stumbled onto this website the other day and it’s such a cool concept, especially for those of us who might not be naturally gifted crafters. Darby Smart has a variety of craft project to choose from and they provide you with all the materials. Their projects range from easy to advanced, so you can make anything from a terrarium to your own gin (seriously). It’s definitely worth checking out!


I really loved The Avengers when it came out (my undying devotion to Joss Whedon probably helped in that) but I was also a big fan of The Guardians of the Galaxy. I typically avoid watching movies during their opening weekend, especially big blockbusters like this one. But Alex and I, along with his sister, spontaneously decided to squeeze it in last Saturday. It also helped that our favorite theater has recently renovated, so they offer leather recliners and assigned seating. Seriously though, GO WATCH IT. Such a fun movie; it also helps that it doesn’t have any of the painful dialogue in other summer blockbusters (I’m looking at you, Michael Bay).


Fact: I love local breweries in Chicago. I’ve been trying a lot new beers from Pipeworks and Spiteful Brewing, both of whom are known for doing creative, small batches of beer, the majority of which are just a one-time thing. This past week, I had Surrounded by Friends, With Machetes from Pipeworks, Goddamn Chocolate Banana Pigeon Porter and Worst Commuter Belgian Tripel from Spiteful. In case you didn’t notice, both breweries also tend to come up with giggle-worthy names for their beers.

And finally, I leave with my latest summer jam: Cool Kids by Echosmith. It’s a fun indie pop song I’ve been listening to pretty much nonstop.

Enjoy the weekend! I know I will.


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