#tbt – central america

I can’t believe that this time a year ago, I was in Central America. Granted, it was a work trip but I got to travel outside of North America for the first time in my life to Guatemala and Honduras for two weeks. I saw great work being done, met wonderful people, and saw how beautiful each country is. I got to see and stay in the cities of Antigua and Tegucigalpa, as well as the rural mountainsides and quiet communities of both countries.

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It’s really only recently that I’ve come to realize how grateful I am to be bilingual. Being fluent in Spanish has been such a normal part of my life that I’ve never given it much thought. If anything, I’ve always seen it as a way to communicate with family members who don’t speak English; I never really thought about how it could play a role in my career and create new opportunities. The whole reason I was sent on this trip was because I’m the only writer in my department that speaks Spanish and it made more sense to send a colleague along than hire an on-site translator.


I’m glad I not only got to have this experience, but that I also get to tell the stories of the people I met. I’ve written extensive coverage on the projects we saw in Guatemala and am currently writing a feature story about Honduras that will be accompanied by my co-worker’s video footage. Even if I never get to go on a trip like this again, I’ll always be grateful for this one.

If anything, this trip has made want to travel more, both to other countries where I know the language and to ones I don’t. But all that in due time. For now, I have a nice three-day weekend to look forward to. :)


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