chicago neighborhoods: andersonville

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Andersonville. Actually, according to my blog, it’s been almost two years. Now that I live closer to this ‘hood, I’m hoping to make visits to this area a regular thing.

Alex and I spent a chunk of Saturday afternoon in Andersonville, beginning with lunch at Jerry’s. This is their 2nd location; the original is in Wicker Park. It’s a great place for a burger and some beer.

andersonville2andersonville1 Other great restaurants in the area: Hamburger Mary’s for yet more burgers and craft beer, Acre for casual, rustic American food, and if you’re vegetarian like me, Reza’s is great for veggie-friendly Middle Eastern food. If you’re in the area for brunch, you can’t beat the Bongo Room.

Afterwards, we walked over to one of my favorite local shops: the Andersonville Galleria. It’s a collection of handmade goods from local merchants; it has everything from art to clothing to food. It’s three stories tall and it’s highly unlikely you’ll walk out of there empty-handed, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. I can never resist picking up a bag of salted bourbon caramels and Alex picked up some homemade soap (that smells damn manly).


I can never go to Andersonville without stopping at Hopleaf for a pint, so we ended up at the bar for a quick drink before heading out for more shopping. Hopleaf is easily one of the best beer bars in the city and has a reputation for keeping great beers and ciders on tap and in stock. I’ve never been disappointed there.

andersonville6 andersonville7

The best thing about Andersonville is all the vintage shops to check out. We ended up at Brimfield, one of my favorites. It’s an eclectic mix of stuff, mostly Americana (think old liquor bottles, wool blankets, and taxidermy). It looks like everything in there came from old cabins and homes around the Midwest and I sorta love it.

andersonville10andersonville8 andersonville11 andersonville12

Alex walked out with a glass decanter he is currently keeping whiskey in and I had restrain myself from grabbing a candle I definitely don’t need. Other great vintage shops in the area to check out are Roost, Scout, and White Attic.

I didn’t make it to one of my favorite places in the area, which is The Coffee Studio in the northern part of the neighborhood. I’ll definitely swing by soon, since I love buying their delicious pre-made iced coffee mix. It’s bound to be warm enough for iced coffee soon… I hope.

Once summer hits, I’m looking forward to doing more posts like this. I never get tired of visiting other neighborhoods in this city. :)


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