geeky & girly, vol. 8

Geeky & Girly (1)

Oh hey, look at me! Actually posting a G&G post like I said I would. High five, self! Although it looks like I’m only meant to post on Fridays, but here’s hoping I can break that habit as well.

First up, something geeky:

sailor mars lifting team

Let me start by saying that I used to be a big anime geek. Said geekdom peaked in high school, but I still watch some anime every now and then. Sailor Moon holds a really special place in my heart because it’s the first anime I ever watched (I was 9 when the TV show first started airing). What’s not to love about teen girls transforming into super heroes and kicking butt? So when I saw these shirts on Tumblr, I became kinda obsessed. What better motivation to work out than your favorite Sailor Scout? As you can see, my favorite was Sailor Mars. HUMAN has shirts and tank tops for each of the scouts and even Tuxedo Mask. On a related note, the Sailor Moon anime is being rebooted this summer. I’ll probably, definitely be checking that out.

And now something girly:


One of my goals this summer is to buy more dresses. And be more comfortable wearing said dresses. Baby steps! I’m already casually browsing online for a birthday dress (yes, my birthday is August; I like to plan ahead!). ModCloth is one of my usual go-to places for pretty, unique dresses and I’ve already bookmarked a few options. The one pictured above, the Pacific Host dress, is currently my favorite. I love the color and everyone who’s reviewed it has loved it. Fingers crossed it’s back in stock soon!

Anyone else looking forward to Easter weekend? I’ll be traveling to the ‘burbs to hang out with Alex’s family, which will be nice since I haven’t seen them since before Christmas. I also decided to take Monday off and stretch out this weekend a bit. I really hope we’ll be able to squeeze in visiting 5 Rabbit’s taproom before we head back into the city.


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