five things friday – april 11

Oh hey there. Lately, I’ve been in a bit of writing slump, so I’ve been looking to other blogs for some inspiration on what kind of posts to create. One of the most common ones I’ve always enjoyed is Five Things Friday, so I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. This way, I can share a mix of random stuff like recipes/food, music, other blogs, and anything else I love at the moment all in one post. Does that make me a lazy blogger? Possibly. ANYWAY.


[photo courtesy of The First Mess]

Cauliflower as rice. Ok, I know what you’re thinking: Rice is already delicious, why would I replace it with cauliflower? I know, I know. But hear me out! I’ve discovered that cauliflower is pretty much the most versatile vegetable ever. When cooked properly, it takes on the appearance and texture of rice, and of course is really, really yummy. Also: it’s super low in calories, while rice is unfortunately not. My favorite dish so far as been ginger fried cauliflower rice from A Cozy Kitchen. Alex and I have even made cauliflower crust pizza that is really amazing as well. This recipe for “rice and beans” from The First Mess is definitely next on our list of dishes to make.


New flats. As spring-like weather has begun to grace us with its presence this week, I’ve finally been able to bust out these flats I bought at Target. Once I see a pair of cute shoes I like, I tend to buy them immediately lest they sell out. Case in point: I may or may not have driven to the suburbs once to find a pair of boots I really, really wanted. True story… maybe. So I’ve been breaking in these shoes this week and have already gotten a few compliments from my co-workers. It also helps that they’re super comfy. If you’re looking for a cute new pair of shoes, I can’t recommend these enough.


New music from Nickel Creek and Copeland. Not one but TWO bands that were on hiatus/broken up that I’ve always loved are putting out new albums. Nickel Creek’s new album A Dotted Line is now available, with the song above as one of the tracks. As for Copeland, I saw their farewell show in Austin in 2010 and was so bummed that it would be the first and last time I would hear their music live. But on April 1st (of all days), they announced plans for a new album, Ixora. Once it was safely established that they weren’t joking, I got really excited and pre-ordered the digital download.



[photo courtesy of 5 Rabbit]

5 Rabbit’s new taproom is open! I’m a big fan and supporter of all of Chicago’s breweries and 5 Rabbit is among one of my faves. Last summer, I was basically obsessed with their Paletas series. Their brewery store and tapoom has just opened to the public and I can’t wait to stop by. They’re out in Bedford Park, which is a bit of a trek for me but I’ll be in the southwest ‘burbs for Easter, so I just might talk Alex into taking a detour that weekend. :)



And last but definitely not least, GAME OF THRONES. Okay yes, only one episode has aired this season so far. BUT YOU GUYS. It’s so good. So much stuff is going down this season and I’m pretty sure more of my favorite characters are going to die but I’m still super excited. And let’s be real, there was also one major part in the season premiere that everyone loved: OBERYN MOTHER-EFFIN’ MARTELL. The Red Viper established immediately that he’s pretty awesome, quick on the draw, and is not fucking around. I can’t wait to see what trouble he causes for the Lannisters.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back next week with a Geeky and Girly post, and possibly a weekend recap.


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