happy galentine’s day!

Alright guys, I know everyone is posting about Valentine’s Day this week. And I’ve written about how I feel about this “holiday” at great length before. I’ve always been a bit of a cynic, but there’s something about the concept of obligated romance that makes me surly. Anytime I’ve had fun on Valentine’s, it was because I was out celebrating with friends instead and taking advantage of brunch specials and heart-shaped foods.

Alex and I, now going on three years together, have never done anything on the 14th and that’s how I like it. Instead, we have a “hot chocolate” date on Saturday morning and are getting tacos and margaritas at one of our favorite spots in Wicker Park that night. Not really sure if this counts as celebrating, but I like to think we’re Valentine’s Day-adjacent.

Anywho, I blogged about this last year and I thought I’d bring it up again: today is Galentine’s Day!



[image source]

Be sure to spread the love among your gal pals today! Whether you celebrate today or even tomorrow, your friends also deserve a day recognizing how awesome they are. :)


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