project treat yoself.

I know that I already listed some goals I have for this year earlier this month, but this isn’t really a goal. I’ve decided that between sticking to my budget, putting money into my savings and 401K, paying off credit cards, and trying to save up for some specific big purchases (like a vacation and furniture), I’m not good at buying things I want for myself. I tend to think about money in the long-term, so beyond buying the occasional article of clothing (almost always with a coupon of some kind), I don’t buy myself any treats. Hence: Operation Treat Yoself.

For those not familiar with the reference, it’s from Parks and Rec:


Retta knows what’s up.

When I see something I really like but don’t purchase immediately, it ends up in one of my many folders on Evernote. Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve bookmarked more and more things, but have yet to commit to buying myself any of them. So, from here on out, I’m going to make genuine effort to treat myself at least once a month to something I want, whether or not I really need it. I’ve limited myself to $100 a month; treating myself can be a little bit of a splurge, but nothing crazy. While it’s important to be financially responsible, it also definitely doesn’t hurt to buy yourselves a thing or two every so often. Here are a few things that I intend to treat myself to in the coming months:

currentlylovingPictured above: mint & gold stripes iPhone case; black and gold shoes; Coffee&Beer&Coffee&Beer tee; Warby Parker glasses (which would be my 2nd pair)

I’ve already started this month, by treating myself to a trip to the salon. My hair was in serious need of TLC and I feel so much better now. This post basically serves a reminder that I need to treat myself. And I hope this inspires some of you to remember to buy yourself something nice every so often. :)


3 thoughts on “project treat yoself.

  1. stephkelly

    yes! this is such a good idea! i’m probably guilty of treating myself a little too often, haha. right now, i’m stashing a dollar away every time i work out, and then when i reach a certain amount, i’ll treat myself & be guilt free.
    i love your wish list, especially the tshirt :)

    1. Dani Post author

      Love that idea! Definitely a nice way of “earning” a treat. :)
      And thanks! I saw someone wearing it while I was in San Diego and made of a mental note of finding it online.

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