currently, december edition


Photo from: My dining room, haha. It’s Alex and I’s first Christmas tree together. I’ve had roommates put up trees in the past years so I never had to put in any effort. But now that it’s just me and Alex, my unabashed love for Christmas has come shining through and I dragged him to Target the day after Thanksgiving to pick up a tree and some ornaments. I would love to have a real one, but with cats around, a plastic one is a better alternative.

Is this year really on the verge of ending? It’s crazy to think about. In the time since I last posted, I celebrated Thanksgiving, finished painting our new apartment, wrapped up my Christmas shopping, visited Eataly (if you’re in Chicago, go immediately because it’s amazing in there), and dealt with the recent onslaught of snow and sub-zero temperatures.

Listening to: Christmas music, pretty much nonstop these days. I’M NOT EVEN SORRY. Oh, and if you watched Orange is the New Black, check out Danielle Brooks (Taystee) and Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes) do this super adorable Christmas melody together. I’m obsessed with it!

Thinking about: Heading home in a week. My annual pilgrimage to Texas is a holiday tradition at this point, but I have to say, I’ll never get to used to have a 5 am flight every year. Thankfully my cab ride is already scheduled, so all I have to do is drag myself out of bed at 4 am (ugh).

Looking forward to: Celebrating Alex’s birthday on the 19th, even though he’s not exactly excited about the big 3-1. He has requested pizza and beer, so we’ll have dinner at a local pizzeria in our neighborhood and leave it at that. I’m just glad that we’re both fans of low-key birthday celebrations; even trying together with friends at a bar can be exhausting sometimes.

Reading: No books at the moment. All I seem to read these days are blogs and any news stories that pop up in my Twitter feed. I had plenty of books on my Christmas wish list though, so here’s hoping I get some of them.

Watching: American Horror Story and Almost Human. AHS: Coven is just, to put it lightly, batshit insane. It gets so ridiculous sometimes and yet I can’t stop watching. Curse you, Ryan Murphy! Almost Human is a new series on FOX that’s actually pretty interesting; it’s like a sci-fi version of Law and Order. We don’t have cable in the apartment but FOX streams all its shows on Hulu Plus so yay!

Making me happy: Christmas decorations everywhere. Mexican hot chocolate. Seasonal beers. Warm, fuzzy blankets. Cuddling in bed while it snows. Making plans for 2014.

Are you ready for this year to end? Are you already making plans like I am?


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