geeky and girly, vol. 7

Geeky & Girly (1)

Alright! I finally have time to work on another edition of Geeky & Girly. I’ve even made a graphic to attach to all future posts (thanks to Canva). From the long list of cool and cute stuff I’ve been keeping track of, first up is something geeky:

Coin is one of the coolest sounding pieces of technology I’ve heard about in a long time. This is definitely something to look into if you have several cards living in your wallet at the moment and/or have a tendency to misplace said cards. Plus, it’s synced to your phone so if you do accidentally leave it behind at a restaurant or a bar, your phone will let you know. How awesome is that? Coin launches next year but they’re taking preorders now.

And now for something girly:


The folks over at Pinch Provisions have created mini emergency kits that easily fit into your bag in case you’re ever in a pinch (pun totally intended). The kit pictured above comes with 17 must-have beauty and personal items, including hairspray, earring backs, lip balm, tampons, stain remover, and mending kit. The bags comes in different designs and there are also kits available for men and wedding parties.

What cool stuff have you seen or heard about lately? Please share!


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