back to baking!

Man, I have really missed baking. Between living in an old, stuffy apartment all summer with a sub-par oven, it just wasn’t going to happen. It’s been months since I’ve made anything and I’m glad to say I’m finally back in action.

Since I’m finally embracing fall, I knew it was time to make my yearly pumpkin bread:


I found a great recipe through Shoebox Kitchen a couple of years ago and I swear by it. It makes two loaves, one of which was promptly devoured by my co-workers on Monday. I really love having a slice for breakfast every day this week.

I also made a pumpkin cream cheese danish (no picture because Alex and I promptly ate the whole thing) and some homemade biscuits. I had almost forgotten I had a pastry cutter from the first time I attempted making biscuits, so I knew I needed to give it another go.


I went with one of the first recipes I found and I thought they were pretty decent. I think the next time I try making biscuits again, I’ll go with Smitten Kitchen’s version. Biscuits seem like such a basic item, so I would really love to find a go-to recipe for them.

I wish I could say I have more recipes picked out for this weekend, but there are Halloween parties to attend and an apartment to paint. Technically, we haven’t even picked a paint first (we have samples!) but I am determined to get rid of the sickly pale yellow walls in our bedroom before the month is out. Fingers crossed it actually gets done!


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