chicago in september

I think that September has become one of my favorite months since moving back to Chicago. Summer festivals are winding down, but there’s still so much to see and do. There is literally something to do every weekend this month and I sort of love it. Here’s what I plan on checking out every weekend this month.

This weekend, Sept 8th and 9th:


I really love the Renegade Craft Fair. This is my third year straight attending (and I always blog about it), only this year it won’t be right outside my door and I’ll be going without Maura. But I’m still determined to have fun (even if I have to drag Alex along with me) and buy a few things for our new apartment (more on that later!).

The weekend of Sept. 14th and 15th:



This is actually my first year ever going to Riot Fest. I initially wanted to go to see Fall Out Boy and a few other bands but it looks like I’m only going on Saturday and they play Friday night (BOO). However, Blink 182 is the headliner for that day and my 14 year-old pop-punk loving self is secretly psyched to to see them. Throw in a few other bands I’m looking forward to checking out, including one of my favorites, Stars, and it should be an awesome time. The carnival will probably help too. :)

The weekend of Sept. 21st and 22nd:


I’m a big fan of Andersonville but have yet to check out any of the street fests in this neighborhood. So when I hear about Andersonville’s City Made Fest, I knew I had to add it to my calendar. All the participating breweries, bands, and artists will all be Chicago-based, so it’s sure to be awesome.

The weekend of Sept. 28th and 29th:


I really hope I can make it to Design Harvest this year. Alex and I went in 2011 and it’s the perfect street fest to welcome fall with. It showcases local furniture and home design, along with some awesome drinks and street food. That year we also discovered the amazingly cool Salvage One and I would love to go back. Design Harvest would be perfect in terms of furnishing our new place but at the moment it looks like we’ll be moving that weekend so I’m not sure if we can swing it.

And yes, we have found a place and are indeed moving! The place we got was one we actually lost to another couple but the current tenant contacted me last week to ask if we were still interested and we immediately jumped on the opportunity to apply. I’m just so glad we can finally stop looking. Apartment hunting is seriously stressful business. We’ll be sealing the deal this week and will also learn our move-in date. Now it’s time to get ready to decorate and furnish!

What are your plans for the month? Got something to do every weekend like me?


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