summer weekends: markets and beer

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I’ve been wanting to go to the Green City Market all summer long. It’s probably one of the biggest farmers’ markets in Chicago and the last time I went was actually in 2010 (!) so I was determined to stop by.

Alex and I got up relatively early (for a Saturday anyway) and ventured to Lincoln Park. And thankfully, Green City Market was totally worth the trek. Alex found a handful of peppers you can’t find in grocery stores and immediately bought them. I also bought some delicious peaches and a bag of cheese curds straight from Wisconsin. We had a light lunch in the form of veggie tamales and homemade apple mint soda. This market is always pretty busy, but there are so many vendors to check out. It was pretty much the best way to start the day.






From there, we headed back to our neighborhood to begin a long walking tour of the areas we’d like to consider living in. Our lease is up at end of September and we’re on hunt every day for a new place. But before we got started, we stopped by Half Acre’s tap room for a quick pint:


Alex had the Sky Devil Saison and I had a glass of the Summer Rules pale ale. Honestly, I can’t believe we’ve lived within walking distance of this place for so long and have yet to actually stop by the tap room or take a brewery tour. We’ll definitely have to go again before we move (they tap new kegs on Friday!) and also take part in a tour.

I have to say, I did a ridiculous amount of walking this weekend. And luckily for me, I discovered Moves right before our weekend-long walk around our favorite neighborhoods. Moves is an app that tracks how many steps you take per day, much like a pedometer, but also knows when you’ve been cycling or running. It’s a free, simple way of see how much you move per day. The app doesn’t drain your phone’s battery and keeps tracks of where you whenever you use it. So far, I’ve seen that on an average work day, I walk about 4,500 to 5,000 steps. This weekend, I walked over 14,000 steps both Saturday AND Sunday. That’s five miles! It’s really cool to see how far I walked, but I could also definitely feel it in my legs and feet.

This work week promises to be crazy busy and it’s only Tuesday. But as always, there always another warm summer weekend to look forward to. :)


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