central america.

So, I ended up being MIA for all of May. Not really on purpose, but between moving and being out of the country for two weeks, there just wasn’t really any time to sit down and do some writing.

I thought I would start back up by writing about my time in Guatemala and Honduras. Latin America as a whole holds a special place in my heart, even though I’ve only ever been to my home country. The chance to visit Central America was one I couldn’t pass up. This field assignment also showed me how important and great it is to be bilingual.

Mind you, this trip was the furthest thing from a vacation. I was outside all day, working, taking notes, talking to people, as well as translating for my co-workers. I got to rest for exactly one day. I was exhausted by the end of it, but it really was a great experience that I’m grateful I got to have.


I was in Guatemala for 5 days visiting projects that promote clean water and sanitation. For the majority of the time there, I was in Antigua and the surrounding areas. And I have to say, I had the biggest eye-opening experience here. To see people who don’t have basic things — things that I know we in the US definitely take for granted — instead of just hearing about it is pretty difficult. But you’re given hope when you see people working so hard to change this. Guatemala as a whole is a beautiful country with wonderful, friendly people. Antigua was gorgeous and is definitely where I would head if I have the chance to go back someday.


My co-workers and I then traveled to Honduras, where we stayed for a full week. The project we saw their were microcredit loans for indigenous women, so that they could build and run their own businesses. They work in groups to support and encourage each other, which I think was one of the best aspects of the project. Honduras is another beautiful place with great people; instead of staying in a city, we were out in the rural mountainside of La Esperanza. By the 2nd half of the trip, we were all sort of starting to lose energy a lot more quickly, but pulled through before heading home last Sunday.

And now here I am, in the comfort of my living room, cuddling with one of the cats. May flew by and summer is just around the corner. I can’t wait for warm days in Chicago, filled with friends, food, drinks, and festivals.


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