geeky and girly, vol. 6

I had originally intended to post this on Monday and am just now getting around to it Wednesday night. Work has kept me pretty busy this week, so the majority of my days are spent in my cube working on various projects. Curse you, 9 to 5 employment!

Anywho, I thought it was about time I put together another Geeky + Girly post, so here it is!

Something geeky:
I have been pretty much obsessed with Game of Thrones since last year (Alex and I power watched the first two seasons in less than two weeks) and I’ve been so excited for season three. Last Sunday’s first episode did not disappoint. So much is going to happen! Probably tons of bloodshed! It’s gonna be awesome. So when had a sale on GoT merch this weekend (way to get me when I’m mostly likely to splurge on something like this), I just HAD to buy a coffee mug with my favorite house sigil on it:


Ooooh yeah. House Targaryen all the way! Dany is easily one of my favorites (along with Arya Stark) and I’m rooting for her throughout this whole series. She clearly deserves the Iron Throne. I mean, she has DRAGONS. Doesn’t get any more awesome than that. Also, it doesn’t hurt that my metalhead boyfriend approves of this mug since we’ll be combining our mug collections soon.

And now for some girly:

I’m still all about druzy jewelry. It’s starting to become a weird obsession. I’ve been bookmarking tons of Etsy listings until I decide which ones I want the most. This beautiful ring recently caught my eye, courtesy of Rachel Pfeffer Designs:


Ugh, so PRETTY. I have pretty small hands, so I tend to be pretty picky about the kinds of rings I wear. I can’t really get anything too gaudy without looking a little ridiculous and this ring looks like it’s just the perfect size for me. This is definitely going on the top of my list of things to splurge on soon.

Hooray for finally getting this up! Maybe I just need to start blogging at odd hours like this. Then again, I should be asleep right now. Here’s hoping my schedule balances out soon.


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