goodbye february.


So, February has been a bit of an overwhelming month for me. I made what I consider pretty big purchases and have been consistently busy at work managing a couple of different projects. When the weekend did roll around, I couldn’t bring myself to sit down and write, much less blog. But this is me trying to change that.

I haven’t really made it a point to write this down, but I knew from the start of the year that 2013 would be a year of growth for me. Growing up, really. And change. This is the year I genuinely start feeling like an actual adult and start to feel in control of my career, my love life, and my finances.

I’ve bought my replacement car, upgraded to a new Macbook, paid off my credit card debt, and made a new budget that reflected all this. I also made adjustments to my 401k, am looking into opening a savings account, and having been monitoring my credit score. This is probably the most adult I’ve felt in my life, which while awesome is still a bit overwhelming. I might write a longer post about all this later.

In a couple months, I’ll be going through a big change. I’ll be moving in with Alex and will be living with a significant other for the first time EVER. We’ll be combining our lives, our living space, and our budgets. While I’m really excited to move to the next step as a couple, I’m also slightly terrified. I’ve never really dealt with change very well. I don’t like feeling like situations are of my control because it causes my anxiety to kick in. I know I have to tackle this move one step at a time, bit by bit. While I’ll be saying goodbye to my home of three years, I know I’m moving on to something better (even though moving is completely awful and probably the worst part of this whole situation).

So yes, lots going on lately. But I’m hoping that with March comes not only better weather (Chicago is covered in icy slush right now) but more opportunities to write/blog/take time for myself. I look forward to taking more time for myself, appreciating the moments where I take a big, calming breath, and focus on the positive things in my life.


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