galentine’s > valentine’s

Last year, I wrote about where I stand on Valentine’s Day. And this year, my thoughts about it honestly haven’t changed. Alex and I are still together (now at a year and 8 months!) but I told him a long time ago that I don’t care for this holiday and he still doesn’t need to do anything “special” for me. He cooks me dinner all the time and buys me flowers and chocolate out of the blue; it doesn’t have to get narrowed down to one day out of the year because I feel pretty loved year-round. But mushiness aside, I just don’t care for all the red and pink surrounding February 14th.

What I DO like is that today (the 13th) is Galentine’s Day.

If you watch Parks and Rec, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The ever-awesome Leslie Knope declares the 13th to be a day to celebrate your lady friends and tell them how awesome they are. Now THIS is a made-up holiday that I like! Buzzfeed has a great little collection of Galentine’s Day cards to send to each of your besties (I’ve already posted a few on some FB walls). Be sure to share the love with your friends as well. :)


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