longing for spring.

It’s a balmy (ok, more like humid and rainy) 60 degree day here in Chicago. In JANUARY. When it should be freezing. And it was just last week too. And will be again by Thursday. Global warming at work, people!

But besides only having to wear a sweater to work today (and my new Hunter rain boots, woo hoo), I’m already longing for the slightly warmer days of spring. And H&M isn’t helping; like so many other stores, they’re already rolling out their spring apparel. Here’s what I’m already loving so far:

Green dress / Striped top / Boyfriend jeans / Apricot sweaterGold ballet flats

Logically, I can’t really invest in any of these pieces just yet, since it will be pretty cold for at least a couple of months. But it’s nice to look and make a wish list, right?

Side note: One of my personal goals for myself this year is to buy more dresses and/or skirts. It’s a completely frivolous goal, but one that I aim to achieve. Why? Because I don’t really like dresses. I’ve never feel comfortable in them and have actively avoided them for a long time. I’ve always been a jeans and tee kind of girl, but this is me trying to get past that. So far, I have all of two dresses that I like and enjoy wearing, so it’s a slow going process. But here’s to finding more that suit me as the year goes on!

Is it warm where you live? Do you miss spring as much as I do?


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