to california and back


My week in California came and went, in the total blink of an eye. I working long days during my work conference. I was on my feet quite a bit and was constantly running around. I definitely didn’t have as much free time as I thought I would, but that was mostly because I helped out wherever I could outside of my assignment.

Whatever downtime I did have, I immediately went outside to enjoy the weather. Being out and about in San Diego meant getting dinner with my co-workers (we had two free nights to find dinner on our own) and got to try some seriously tasty food and drinks. The best place I went to was Starlite. I would definitely love to go back to San Diego, if only to try more restaurants and squeeze in some shopping!

While the work conference I was at was hard work, I got to meet more of my co-workers and get to know them, which is always good. I also had today off from work, so I got to have a bit more downtime (I flew back in on Saturday afternoon) to run errands and take care of a few things. Even though it’s freezing cold in Chicago (the high for tomorrow is 9 degrees. SINGLE DIGITS, PEOPLE), I’m glad to be home. Since I won’t be traveling for a while, I can finally focus on myself and the things I hope to accomplish in the next couple of months. I’ll hopefully have a blog post up about that soon, of course. :)


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