moving forward in 2013.

Hello! So as of today, it’s 2013. Crazy, huh? Is it just me or does time to slip by much more quickly these days? Last night was really low-key for Alex and I; we got dinner at one of our favorite sushi restaurants before heading back to my apartment and drinking champagne in our PJs. Today, I got to watch my college team win their first bowl game in over 60 years! A pretty nice start to the new year.

I got back to Chicago last Friday and have spent the last few days before the new year laying low, running errands, and bumming around on the couch with Alex.


Christmas with my family was great, as always. My little brother (step-brother, to be exact) joined us this year so I had the great pleasure of having two teenagers around. Fortunately for me, my siblings are not total angsty terrors and are great kids. As always, I ate my weight in tamales. I did my usual ridiculous amount of baking; the usual cookies and cupcakes, on top of gingerbread empanadas and a pumpkin cheesecake from scratch. I got to chase around my best friend’s adorable son, who is so big and a bundle of energy. Presents were exchanged (I got my first pair of Hunter rain boots, books, and gift cards), fireworks were popped because that’s just what you do in Texas, and overall, it was a nice little vacation from a recent string of events.

Just days before I left to visit my family, I was in a pretty bad car accident. I have to say in that in my 26 years of being alive and my 10 years of driving, I have never, ever been in an accident. Not even a fender bender. A woman in Austin once tapped the back of my car with hers and apologized profusely. That’s seriously all I’ve ever experienced. So to have my car smashed into by another while driving to work was, needlessly to say, a harrowing and stressful experience. I was fortunate enough to walk away with only a bruised knee and sore neck. However, my car didn’t survive and was a total loss. My insurance company has been wonderful and helpful; I’m waiting to find out what the next step is in terms of being compensated for my car’s value before the accident. I’m currently driving around a rental car; it’s a Dodge Avenger so I’ve started calling it Captain America (the Captain for short). Yes, I’m kind of a nerd.

Despite the circumstances, I’m grateful that things weren’t worse. The most I can do is learn from the experience. I’ll most likely be buying a new car, even though I’m not looking forward to monthly payments again (did I mention that I had already finished paying off my car?). My parents walked through the process with me but this time, I’ll be doing it solo (technically, since Alex will be tagging along). Adulthood!

I could reflect on 2012 but as a whole, it was a pretty solid year. I know I’m still growing up in a lot of ways, but I’m encouraged by my progress. There’s a lot of big things happening in 2013 as well, including Alex and I taking the leap and moving in together right around our two year anniversary. It’s hard not to be intimidated by the prospects of the new year, but I’m also excited by the potential of it all. I’m moving forward in 2013 and I can’t wait. :)


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