a sunday in pilsen.


Every year for Dia de Los Muertos, I always go to the exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Art. It’s a tradition that started in college and something I’ve managed to keep up. Even with I wasn’t living in Chicago, I was always in a city that had an similar exhibit I checked out.

This year it was just me and Alex. We decided to walk around Pilsen so I could make use of my film camera and snap shots of the murals before checking out the museum. We also grabbed some elote on the street, which was so necessary (and delicious).

The exhibit is different every year and there are always pieces that stick out to me. Two of my favorite paintings are pictured above.

After the museum, we got some coffee at Cafe Jumping Bean to keep us warm before going to Honky Tonk BBQ for dinner. The nice thing about this place is that they have a handful of veggie options to choose from; I got the veggie version of their BLT (with mushrooms instead of bacon) and Alex naturally got a meat-filled meal, which he enjoyed thoroughly.

It was a nice little day trip to a different neighborhood and worth the trek. When I first moved to Chicago a couple of years ago, I spent a lot of my first summer in Pilsen, drinking coffee and walking around. Now it looks like my favorite coffee shop is gone for good and I didn’t even know it. I think this is probably a sign that I need to visit the area a lot more often.

Saturday was a day of errands and what not for me since Alex was working (luckily for him, working on a Saturday means he gets Monday off). I also waited in line for two hours to vote that afternoon. And while that meant I ended up not finishing everything on my to-do list, it was still very much worth it. It’s the first time I’ve voted in person since 2004 (I voted with an absentee ballot in ’08) and it was weirdly gratifying. I hope you have plans to vote too.

How was your weekend overall?


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