the 2012 bucket list

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lyla and blu)

So, we’re reaching the tail end of 2012. Like so many other people, I set out with a small list of goals at the beginning of the year. Now that’s is November (when did THAT happen, btw?), I’ve decided to revisit that list and try to knock out whatever I haven’t done in the next two months. Or at least attempt to. Plus, I’ll add in a few things just for good measure.

Be better with money
This has actually gotten easier to do in recent months, but having a full-time job definitely helps. I’m currently on my way to paying down both credit cards, but am steadily paying off the one with the higher interest rate first (they in turn raised my credit limit–NICE TRY). Once that one is paid off earlier next year, I’ll be able to invest in a payment plan for a new MacBook. Hurray fiscal responsibility!
Also, I still love using LearnVest and their new iPhone app is really great. You can link up your accounts, keep track of your spending, and also read their articles.

Freelance more
While I did write columns for the RedEye Chicago for a little while, this is something that kinda fell away once I started working full-time again. I did write a little blurb for Sage Magazine about my favorite fall beer, but yes, other than that, freelancing just hasn’t been in the cards. However! Some old colleagues have reached out about a new publication they’re working on and I think I might join in. While I get some writing opportunities here at work, I do miss writing about entertainment and music. Also, I still hope someday to make that pitch to Bust.

Exercising and eating well
I switched to a newer gym closer to my place this summer, so I have zero excuses for not getting off my butt and walking all of two blocks to work out. And it’s always better to watch TV while you run instead of while sitting on your couch. I like to think I’m doing a decent job of eating well, but the upcoming holidays will probably challenge that. It’s just of matter of finding a good balance and not overdoing it.
New goal: Go to the 6 a.m. hot yoga class at my gym
While I’ve done a decent job of sticking to my original goal, I want to actually try a class at my gym. I’ve done various kinds of heated yoga in the past, so I’m not super intimidated by the class itself. What’s scared me off until now is my inability to get up in the morning, much less before 6 a.m. to hit the gym. I’m a work out at night kind of girl. But this is the only time that gym offers this class and I’m honestly curious to see how I’ll feel for the rest of the day after doing it.

Reading and learning
I’ve actually done a pretty good job of buying used books throughout the year and reading during my commute. But learning? Yeah, I sort of failed on that part. I fell completely off the map when it came to Codecademy and have yet to sign up for any Dabble classes. So with that…
New goal: Sign up for one Dabble class
This might be a little tricky towards the end of the year, especially when you keep the holidays in mind. BUT, if I can at least sign up for a class this year, even though I won’t actually take it until next year, that still counts in my book. Some of the classes I’m waiting to see get posted include beer brewing, cupcake decorating, and homemade pasta.
New goal: Get to the Functions level on Codecademy
I’ve barely made it past the introductory courses, so my goal is to at least crack into the Functions by the end of the year. I imagine I’ll make the most progress on this when I’m home for the holidays and can’t sleep.

Keep creating
I have managed to keep creating, to a certain degree. I finished Alex’s scarf, which he is a big fan of. And I also finished my own cowl just a couple of days ago. But knitting simple project just isn’t quite enough to say that I’ve keep this goal. Also, I’ve completely neglected my film camera. I haven’t even been using Instagram that much either. So!
New goal: Finish all three new rolls of film
I have a three pack of film from the new Lomography store in my neighborhood that I haven’t touched. I’m basically requiring that I finish all three (AND develop them!) before the end of the year. I’ll probably use one of the color films this weekend while exploring Pilsen. I’d also like to wait until we get some snow to use the black and white film for some contrast (which will also be my first time in quite possibly forever since I’ve taken photos in black and white).

I would have posted something about the Day of the Dead today, but I technically won’t be celebrating until this weekend, when Alex and I go to Pilsen to explore the neighborhood. I’ll definitely be back with a post after that.

Do you have any goals you hope to accomplish before the end of the year?


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