weekend recap: football and halloween

This weekend completely flew by! Saturday was definitely the most whirlwind day and I didn’t get anywhere enough sleep, but it was still so much fun having a mini-college reunion.

Friday night: Everyone arrived! I was hilariously excited to see my college roommate/favorite person, Aliza. We stayed at Emmet’s until at least 2 a.m. drinking and catching up with everyone.



(At the tailgate! If you look closely, you can see my boyfriend being a giant dork behind us.)

Saturday morning & afternoon: I dragged myself (and Aliza) out of bed after staying out a little too late on Friday, picked up Matt, Chris, and Alex and drove over to Evanston to tailgate Northwestern’s homecoming game. Although we were ticketless, we went one of our old favorite bars and watched the game from there. I bumped into so many people I knew who were in town for the game. And we won against Iowa! Totally worth the serious lack of sleep.

I managed to squeeze in a nap in the afternoon, followed by watching The Vampire Diaries and having pizza for dinner. Then it was time to get ready to celebrate Halloween. It turns out that having pizza would help add to my costume:


Yes, I was my favorite Ninja Turtle for Halloween. I was a HUGE fan when I was 5, but back then, my mom basically refused to let me dress up as Donatello in an attempt to curb my tomboy ways. Unfortunately for her, that lasted for several more years, no matter how many princess costumes I wore. So this is essentially me fulfilling a childhood dream (in a non-sexy fashion, because I’m still a tomboy at heart).

Aliza (dressed a gypsy, because she just happens to have the items to create such a costume) and I headed to Boystown where we proceeded to dance the night away with our friends. I hope you guys recognize the costume in the bottom right corner of my collage (hint: it’s from Spirited Away!) because I thought it was kinda amazing.

On Sunday morning, Aliza had to head back to D.C. Even though Hurricane Sandy was the cause behind her original flight’s cancellation, she found an earlier flight and made it back home just in time. We had an early breakfast before I dropped her off at the airport. Then there was more napping before I headed to Alex’s for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

And that was my weekend! I’m still pretty tired and am definitely taking it easy this week. I hope everyone had fun this weekend. Did you celebrate Halloween already (since it sadly falls on Wednesday this year)?


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