currently (october edition)

pumpkinbread(Here’s the pumpkin bread I made this past weekend. The two loaves are already gone!)

So this kind of post usually goes up on a Monday and I know it’s already Wednesday… sometimes these things just sit in my draft folder and then I kinda forget to post them. But here it is, my October check-in:

Watching: The Vampire Diaries! I have no shame when it comes to my love of this show. It started last week and I’m SO excited for the new season. Every Thursday night I’m glued to my TV and every Friday morning, my college bestie Aliza and I discuss it at length.

Listening to: On top of listening to my fall playlist non-stop, I’m still loving the new Mumford and Sons and I just discovered Ben Gibbard’s solo album. It’s pretty different from anything he’s done with DCFC or Postal Service, but that’s what I like about it. You can listen to his whole album on YouTube!

Thinking about: Baking for my office potluck next week. Buying a plane ticket to go home for the holidays. Planning out weekend adventures (including a trip to Pilsen next month). And how this year is somehow almost over? When did that happen?

Looking forward to: The super random college friend reunion next weekend! Aliza (among others) are flying into Chicago for the weekend so that we can tailgate at NU’s homecoming game and hang out. I’m so excited to see everyone!

Reading: Other than the blog posts in my Google Reader, not much. I need to buy more books ASAP. Any recommendations?

Making me happy: Brunch dates with friends. Sleeping in. Getting stuff in the mail, including my Halloween costume. Trying new things like a cooking class with Alex and his mom; we had so much fun! And it was Mexican food, so it was right up our alley. We dabbled in making tamales, taquitos, fresh guacamole, and empanadas.

How about you? What’s going on with your life lately?


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