lomography and cookies.

I’ve been not-so patiently waiting for the new Lomography store to open up in my neighborhood. Lo and behold, they finally opened their doors on Friday so I stopped in on a quiet Saturday afternoon to check it out and pick up some film.



The store is simple and well organized. I met the owner, who was really nice and helpful. She mentioned in addition to events, they’ll hopefully be offer photo developing services in the coming weeks. Yay! No more dealing with the likes of Walgreens. Also, while looking around, I saw this beauty and fell in love with it:


It’s the Lubitel 166+. There’s something about the recreation of old, classic cameras that I really love. Although I totally can’t afford the splurge, I can admire it from afar. And I did pick up a 3-pack of different films. I can’t wait to start using my camera again. I used it so much last summer and got tons of great shots, so I’m hoping to capture more of the fall and winter this time around.

On top of this, I got bit by the baking bug again. Late last month, Alex showed me an interesting cookie recipe and asked (practically insisted, honestly) that I try it out. While I’ve baked with booze before, I’ve never tried this ingredient before: hot sauce.


So what you see pictured above are peanut butter and Sriracha cookies. Yes, this is a thing. And yes, I added the Sriracha with a slight amount of dread. I had no idea what to expect. They looked like normal, yummy peanut butter cookies when they came out of the oven, but I was still worried about the taste. The end result? Peanut butter sugary goodness with a spicy aftertaste. As someone who loves pretty much everything I bake and hot sauce, Alex LOVED these cookies. It’s definitely an interesting mix, but a surprisingly tasty one.

This will probably be a month of cookie baking, since I have my eye on another new recipe that I can’t wait to try and just in time for my friend Mai’s visit (she’s currently on tour with Grizzly Bear and will be in Chicago soon!).


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