a beer-filled labor day.

Oh hello! It’s September! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I know that a long weekend, including a mini staycation in the ‘burbs with Alex was just what I needed.

Seeing as neither I nor Alex currently have an apartment with a porch or patio attached, we never get to grill. So when his parents asked us to house-sit for them for a couple of days, his dad was nice enough to leave his BBQ grill set up for us upon our arrival. We then grilled a TON of veggies for dinner and it was pretty amazing. Alex swears that if we ever have an apartment with a patio, he’ll grill year-round (and I kinda believe him).

On Monday, we decided to see if any of the restaurants on list of places to hit up were open and DMK Burger Bar was one of the few, so of course it was packed when we got there. Fortunately, we got to sit at the bar and enjoy a lunch of burgers and beer.

Speaking of beer…


If you didn’t know this about me before, you do now: I LOVE beer. And so does Alex, so we’re constantly trying new stuff when we can. We definitely tried some new stuff throughout the weekend. Since it’s almost fall, I’m basically obsessed with trying ALL the pumpkin beers, starting with Uinta’s Punk’n Ale. Alex currently loves Six Point, so he tried their Sweet Action Ale.


We went to Binny’s in search of more brews to try. I found one of my favorite seasonal beers from last year, Southern Tier’s Pumking (slightly sweeter but more flavorful than Uinta’s pumpkin beer) and immediately bought two bottles. Alex went for Rogue’s Chipotle Ale (which had a nice, smoky aftertaste to it).


And finally on Monday, I wanted a wheat beer (as it was nice and hot outside) and tried Ommegang’s Witte, which was light and refreshing. It was a good note to end my weekend on.

So now it’s back to the grind. At least it’s a short work week. And this weekend is the Renegade Craft Fair, which I always look forward to checking out with my friend Maura. This is our 3rd year going together, so it’s basically a mini tradition of sorts. I’ll be back with pictures of that next week!


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