stumbling towards adulthood, take 10

I wasn’t kidding when I said my new job kinda leaves zero time for blogging. Not to mention that every weekend this month has been jampacked with stuff to do and friends to see. Which is why I’m kinda amazed that I’ll be 26 in exactly one week. How did that even happen?

Fortunately, I’ve lined up a couple of blog posts to see myself through my birthday and into August. First things first: I’ve taken another uneasy step towards adulthood by getting ready to purchase a couple of things I seriously need.

With a salary comes disposable income, which I’ve so far mostly put towards workplace clothing (it’s been a few years since I’ve had to do business casual). But I’ve quickly realized that while random splurges at H&M and a few drinks here and there are fun (and are now things I can actually do without feeling super guilty so WOO), there are things that I know I need to invest in before the end of the year.

First things first: new sneakers. I’m about to admit something super embarrassing: I’ve been using the same sneakers since high school. That’s right, HIGH SCHOOL. The same dull pair of Nikes since I was a teenager. And while I kinda love shoe shopping these days, I’ve been weirdly resistant to buying a new pair of sneakers. It’s mostly a mix of stubbornness and being aware of the fact that a good pair of gym kicks will put me out at least $100. But as I was lacing up to go to the gym this week, I saw that the sole on one of my sneakers was starting to fall off. That’s probably a sign from the universe telling me to bite the bullet and buy some freaking shoes. So I’ve settled on these:


Super cute, right? These beauties are a pair of Nike Free Run +3 in magenta. And they’re on sale right now on! They’re originally $100 but are going for $79 right now, hence while I finally sucked it up and bought them today. Can’t wait to get them and show them off at my gym!

And next month, I’ll be making another fairly important purchase: a new pair of glasses. Again, this is something I have trouble making myself buy. I had the same pair of glasses since high school (are we sensing a pattern yet?) up until a couple of years ago, when I finally bought some new frames when I was living in Austin. The thing is though, I only bought them because they were $20 at my eye doctor’s office. They’re somewhat thick black frames and while I’ll continue to keep wearing them because I still like them, I really do want to invest in a cute new pair that I’ll want to wear more often. Enter Warby Parker.


I signed up for their home try-on box, where I got to pick out 5 different frames I liked and check them out for 5 days before sending them back, free of charge. I would have taken pictures and asked for the internet’s opinion but again: I’ve had zero time on my hands. So I instead asked Alex and my roommate before deciding on the pair you see above (Beckett in Striped Chesnut). Once I get my updated prescription next month, I’ll be putting in my order.

Hopefully these responsible purchases counteract anything I spend money on that I don’t need. Here’s hoping!


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