returning to the 9 to 5: cubicle decorating

Ok, I’ve been at my new job for all of a week and I’m already brainstorming ideas on how to decorate my cubicle. To be fair, cubicles are usually plain, gray, and sad. Mine is no different. When I’m not working on a project or checking email, I immediately start think about how dull my surroundings are and how easily they can be remedied.

When I first moved back to Chicago a couple of years ago, I had a temp job where I sat alone in a row of cubicles. I was there for a month and I kinda hated it. I’m convinced that the sad, temporary cubicle I sat in had a lot to do with it.

And I refuse to let that happen at my new gig. So knowing me, I’ve already started window-shopping on Etsy for things I can get. And I actually bought something already (progress!):

deskcalendar{image: KTFDesign}

The minute I saw this desk calendar, I knew I had to have it. It’s small, so it won’t take up a ton of space, colorful, and I mean it’s a different cupcake for every month. How can you NOT love that?

The next thing I thought of was of course, some pretty prints to hang up on my cube’s walls. I stumbled onto Amanda Helmer‘s designs and pretty much want one of each:


I’m a total sucker for colorful but simple designs with pretty fonts, which is probably why I love her work. This is definitely one of the prints I’m considering getting soon.

A common trend that I’ve noticed in my office (and wouldn’t mind being a part of) is plants. Almost everyone has a kind of plant on their desk. While I’m capable of keeping them alive (my basil plant is thriving and I’m hilariously proud of myself because of this), I would want a low-maintenance plant living in my cube. The obvious answer: succulents!


I think this might be something I’ll be getting locally here in my neighborhood. I’ve found out about a few shops near my apartment that would have just what I’m looking for. Succulents are fairly difficult to kill and they remind me of home, so it would be like having a piece of Texas at work.

Any other ideas on what to get? How do you personalize your work desk?


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