monday check-in, july edition.

Hello! We are 9 days into July and I have completely fallen off the blogging bandwagon… again. But to be fair, I’m only one week in at my new job and that, plus my need to make the most of every warm weekend we have, leaves little time to put together a blog post. But this is me trying to be better about it. And I figure the best way to get things going this month is with a check-in. :)

Obsessing over: Turning 26 in less than a month. On August 1st, to be exact. It’s a silly thing to freak out over, I know, but the whole idea of getting older is always daunting. I’m not allowed to complain too much since Alex will be 30 in December and according to him, that’s much a bigger deal. He may or may not have a point.

Working on: Getting into the swing of things at work. I’m only 5 days in (last week was a weird week to start because I had the 4th off) and I feel like I’m learning a lot at once. I’m someone who needs to keep everything written down until I have the information committed to memory, so of course I already have a bunch of notes everywhere. But I like to think of myself as a fast learner.

Thinking about: Getting my laundry out of the dryer before I head to the gym.  I lead a riveting life, I know.

Anticipating: Lollapalooza! It’s a couple of days after my birthday, so it’s pretty much the best way to celebrate.

Listening to: Young the Giant. I’m seriously into this band right now.

Drinking: Orange juice with mango. It’s pretty much my new favorite thing.

Wishing: I had more time to clean around my apartment. I need to block out a few hours in the coming weeks to make that happen.

In addition to cleaning, doing laundry, and just attempting to get organized, I’ll try and make time for some blogging. I make no promises! But I’ll do my best.


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