a day in andersonville

Even with so many festivals going on almost every weekend, I’m usually guilty of staying home on my couch and doing nothing. Thankfully that wasn’t the case this past weekend.

I first convinced Alex that we start our day off with some iced coffee and some doughnuts from Glazed and Infused, a newer doughnut shop that had just popped up in Wicker Park. Alex had the PB&J doughnut; I was hoping to try their red velvet doughnut but they were out. The creme brulee, which you see pictured, was still just as delicious.


Alex heard about a half off used book sale going on downtown through a work friend, so we went to go check it out as our first stop of the day.


Used books are a love that Alex and I share. I have yet to buy a Kindle or an iPad because I still really love reading actual books. I managed to get 4 books for just $12. So glad I have some more books for my commute.


After we finished up at the book sale, I suggested that we check out a neighborhood that we don’t go to very often: Andersonville. It’s not too far from Alex’s ‘hood of Lincoln Square and Alex had never been to this one great beer bar in the area, Hopleaf.


We had a couple of new beers and a HUGE plate of fries before moving on and walking around the area. I never knew that Andersonville had so many great local art and vintage shops either. We saw some really great some stuff.


I pretty much wanted to buy half of the things we saw and already imagined what I could put in my apartment and where. Unfortunately, I’m still on a bit of a budget so the one think I did manage to splurge on where some burbon-infused caramel bites that are a perfect mix of salty and sweet.


Overall, it was a great way to spend a Saturday. The next day was the Pride parade in Lakeview, which I spent celebrating with my college friends.

Today is my last Monday off before I start my new job next week! I feel like I have to run a hundred errands today but I hope I’ll make the most of this last day. July and my new job will be here before I know it.


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