hello to june!


It’s a rather rainy and windy day here in Chicago, so it’s not exactly the most ideal way to kick June off. But! It should be lovely this weekend and I have that to look forward to. Actually, June is bringing about great things and a few changes, including:

* Festivals and farmers markets: I love living in Wicker Park this time of year, because we get a nice amount of both of these from June to September. This weekend alone is Do Division Fest and the first weekend of the Wicker Park farmers market. Yay!

A new roommate: I said goodbye to my now-former roomie Scott last night (and again this morning as I left for the day). He’s a nice guy and I’m sad to see him go, but tomorrow my new roommate Lexi will stop by for her keys and start moving in! An example of how small the world is: Lexi and I were following each other on Tumblr before we ever met. So yeah, world = SMALL.

A new gym: I struggled throughout last month to stay fit and motivated. I dabbled in hot yoga again (Vinyasa, not bikram. Because I’m not a crazy person.) and while I enjoyed that, I really missed being able to head over the gym and get in a good workout. So! WPAC is now open and literally down the street from my apt, so I signed up just in time for a $0 enrollment fee and a totally doable monthly fee. I went early this morning and it felt SO GOOD to get back on track.

Gardening!: Ok, so I live in an apartment in the city. With no backyard, front yard, balcony, or rooftop access. But, I just some basil seeds and will be planting them this weekend. So it’s still gardening, just in tiny pots on a windowsill in my living room. Because who doesn’t love fresh herbs like basil? (If you don’t, there might actually be something wrong with you. You might wanna get that checked out.)

On a quick side note, I should probably just admit this now: Sometimes I’m a compulsive shopper. I try not to be, but I’m easily tempted! Usually by shoes. Or Target. Throw in deal shopping sites like Fab.com and I basically have no willpower.


This time around, Joss and Main offered me a $15 credit and I just couldn’t let that go to waste, right? So yesterday, I picked out an ideal summer accessory: a big new tote bag. It’ll be great for trips to the beach, when I crash at Alex’s apt, and for bringing home groceries & goodies for a farmer’s market. And I only ended up paying for shipping, so I call that a win.


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