mountain adventures.

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Just like that, our trip to Denver has come and gone. (Seriously, how is it already Thursday? We left a week ago!)  It was a whirlwind 3 days and we had so, so much fun. It was completely worth the splurge to go visit our friends/super awesome hosts, Mike and Elizabeth. They live in a super cute house just outside of downtown Denver and made sure that we saw and did everything we could while we were there.

Our first day in Denver (which was the nicest weather-wise) included going to Red Rock Amphitheater, which is basically a concert venue carved into the side of a mountain. It was clearly as awesome as it sounds. Alex and I are used to the elevation of the Midwest (meaning ZERO ELEVATION) so walking up the side of a mountain on our first day was no easy feat. It’s a little hard to catch your breath and my legs were definitely shaking on the way back down, but it was still fantastic. On Sunday, we headed back into the mountains to check out the casinos in Blackhawk and Central City. And yes, someone decided to open casinos in these old mining towns and it’s pretty weird/cool. Then we stopped and got beers in a different town, which is where I took the picture with my new friend on the right. :)

I may have mentioned that Alex and I were determined to drink ALL OF THE BEER while in Denver. And we actually succeeded–more or less. After going to Red Rock on Friday morning, we went straight to downtown Denver and began what was pretty much the most epic brewery crawl I’ve ever been on. We started with lunch at Wynkoop Brewing (the veggie burger I had was so, so good), had another beer at Falling Rocks (a cool local dive bar) then worked our way down to Great Divide, River North, Breckenridge and Denver Beer Co. Yes, those are ALL breweries and we drank at every. single. one. We felt like champions afterward. Very drunk, sleepy champions… but champions none the less! Our final brewery stop was on Saturday, when we to Left Hand in Longmont (which is almost an hour away from Denver). Alex *loves* Left Hand and bought a six-pack of their ginger ale, Good JuJu, later on that night.

Whew, almost done! I told you we did a LOT in one weekend. Non-beer related activities included glow-in-the-dark mini golf, which had some seriously trippy stuff on the walls. Like a crazy looking tree that I’m pretty sure will haunt my dreams to dinosaurs, which are just awesome in general. We also did dessert before dinner on our last night in Denver and went to Little Man Ice Cream. It was pretty much some of the best ice cream I’ve EVER had. I got a scoop of Mexican chocolate and toasted coconut mixed together and it was DELISH. I wish I had pictures of it but I pretty much gobbled it down.

Alex and I headed back home on Monday morning and were in my neighborhood eating pizza by the afternoon. It feels like the trip went by too fast, but at the same time, it was just the break we needed. Plus, it’s nice that we have another three day weekend coming up thanks to Memorial Day. ;)


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