weekend recap: cookies, Easter, and a malfunctioning MacBook

This weekend was exactly what I needed. There was a bit of traveling (driving back and forth from the ‘burbs is never really fun) but it was still relaxing and filled with food and family time, so I can’t really complain.

I made this amazing cookie recipe from A Cozy Kitchen on Saturday. I love the salty and sweet combination and they were also a hit with Alex’s mom. I definitely think I’ll have to make another batch sometime this week; the first batch was a trial version since I had to tweak the recipe slightly (I couldn’t get my hands on any rice flour). Still, I’m glad they still turned out so well!

Alex’s mom went to Target before we showed up on Saturday and bought the hilariously cute bunny glasses we’re wearing in the picture above. We’re total dorks so we wore them without complaint and of course snapped some pictures. We stayed the night in the ‘burbs and came back to Chicago on Sunday afternoon. The rest of the day was filled with laziness and Thai food. All in all, a pretty solid weekend.

Unfortunately, yesterday was a day of minor panic attacks induced by my MacBook. Turns out I let my battery get way too low in power (at about 5% or so) and even while charging, it wasn’t enough to power my screen. Cue me freaking out and worrying that my MacBook had finally bit the dust (just shy of 5 years old) and wondering how on Earth I would ever get anything done without it (as I had planned to spend my day working on various writing gigs). I left it to charge for an hour and when I tried using it again, everything seemed to be back in working. So WHEW, crisis averted. The last thing a broke freelancer like me needs is for their laptop to crap out on them. Especially when Apple up and decided to stop making my computer, so I’m always worried that if I end up at the Genius Bar with issues, they’ll ultimately be unable to help me. Which would be LAMESAUCE, Apple.

Anywho. I’ve been glancing back at the basic goals I set in January. I’ve managed to keep a couple of them, but I think my thing to do this month is really tackle them. I order some used books last week and can’t wait to have more reading material, especially during my commute to work. I also want to continue working on getting more freelance work (now that I’m a columnist for the RedEye and know that regular freelance work can happen if you look hard enough). Finding and keeping creative outlet is also a big thing to work on well. Here’s hoping I can pull it off. :)


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