stop and smile.

Sometimes I have trouble enjoying the little things. I tend to focus on the negative aspects of life and spend a good chunk of time stressing myself out. My life is far from perfect but these days, but it’s still pretty darn good and I should make more time to enjoy it. So as a reminder, here’s a short list of stuff for me to stop and smile about:

* New glittery shoes (pictured above) that I managed to snag for only $10 on DSW

* Coming home to tulips in my living room (my roomie is pretty on top of spring decor)

* Alex making me lunch two times this week (he’s pretty much the best cook ever)

* Finding a new pattern to try in my next knitting project

* Baking a new cookie recipe tonight for Easter weekend

* Spending said Easter weekend with Alex’s family in the ‘burbs

* Buying plane tickets for our first trip as a couple–Alex and I are going to Denver next month to visit friends (and drink ALL OF THE BEER, obviously)

I like to think that things are definitely going up from here, but I still have to remind myself to stop and smile every so often.

What’s making you smile these days? (Oh, and Happy Easter!) :)


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