baking adventures: blueberry muffins

I haven’t really done much baking since Christmas so by this weekend, I was itching to not only make something, but to try my hand at something new. In between my new roommate settling in and cleaning my apartment, I managed to squeeze in a quick bout of baking on Saturday.

I’m usually a cupcakes and cookies kind of girl but I figured I could try making muffins. A quick search through some of my favorite blogs landed me on a recipe for blueberry muffins from the Brown Eyed Baker. All I needed was blueberries (fresh ones are a little pricey but I grabbed some anyway) and sour cream; yes, sour cream. I know recipes call for sour cream but this was my first time baking with it as a main ingredient. I think it mainly helps with the consistency of the muffin, but it’s still interesting.

The recipe says that it will yield 12 muffins but I actually managed to squeeze about 18 muffins out of it, even when I finally the liners to the brim. Also, it was a little difficult trying not to squish the berries while mixing the dry and wet ingredients together, but I managed. I used both containers of blueberries, so these muffins were jam-packed with them.

I was pleasantly surprised by how they turned out! Not too sweet and a just the right amount of tart thanks to the berries. They were also new roommate and boyfriend approved, so I guess I should take their word for it!

The only other fruit I’ve ever using when baking were raisins (and do they really even count?), so I’m looking forward to using more delicious fruits when spring and summer get here. Besides baking, this weekend was lovely and relaxing–Alex and I had yesterday off, so we went to Kuma’s for amazing burgers and beer and then went to the Field Museum for fun. I’m looking forward to heading home tonight and having wi-fi once again in my apartment.

I’ll also be doing even more baking this weekend with my friend Angela, so I’ll be back with pictures of some cupcakes soon. :)


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