make a wish or make it happen.

(print by Wicker Paper Co.)

February has never been my favorite month. Weird, I know. Maybe it’s because it’s the pinnacle of all things winter in Chicago. Maybe because I got dumped a week before Valentine’s Day in college. Maybe it’s because I reached the lowest point of my issues with anxiety and stress during senior year, it was right in the middle of February. It could be a combination of all these things and more.

This February was really no different. I let stress get to me sometimes and I definitely did that this month. I traveled home for a big family event and took Alex with me (thankfully that went over well). I had three job prospects… and they all fell through. It’s really discouraging to have opportunities suddenly pop up, only to fall away. I struggle with positive thinking sometimes and this didn’t really help matters.

My roommate, who I’ve lived with since moving back to Chicago, is moving out of our apartment early due to a bad break-up that resulted in her losing her cat (that she unfortunately can’t keep in our current place). I’ve thankfully been able to replace but the whole process of her moving out and my new roommate moving in is a little stressful. Our living room is a mess. All the bills are under her name. I have no TV when she leaves; although I’m inheriting one from Alex, I still have to get it from his place and drag it to mine. I’m losing a few other things that I can’t afford to replace right now.

It’s a just a random assortment of things that sometimes get me down. Staying upbeat is never easy for me. I’m thankful I have people like Alex in my life cheering me on and telling me I’m doing just fine.

So when March starts tomorrow, I’m going to put my best foot forward. No more wishful thinking. I need to work on making things happen. Taking action is the first step into moving towards what I want in life. So here goes.


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