scenes from a quinceañera.

This week completely flew by! I feel like I just got back home from Texas and now it’s Friday. At least I’ve managed to already unpack (a rare thing for me; my clothes will usually sit in my suitcase for over a week before I finally force myself to put everything away).

As I mentioned, I headed home for my little sister’s quinceañera. For anyone not familiar with the concept, the Mexican tradition is to celebrate a girl’s 15th birthday with a big, lavish party that usually begins with a traditional mass, a presentation, and a dance done with her court of damas (girls) and chambelanes (boys). So, it’s like a sweet 16 here in the US, only slightly more ridiculous.

Case in point, one of my sister’s many buffet tables:

What you’re looking at is essentially a TOWER OF FRUIT and dozens of cupcakes. The silver fountain behind it was filled with chocolate and the dispenser on the right is filled with chamoy.

However, my sister didn’t want to have her party at a large banquet hall, so it took place at our house. She also didn’t have a court, which saved my parents the headache of dressing teenagers in formal wear. Other than that, the typical madness that occurs with any big event still took place. Mix in a large, Spanish-speaking family and things just get CRAZY.

And let’s not forget that my non-Spanish speaking Mexican boyfriend was there to witness all this and meet my family for the first time.

But honestly, once everything finally got into place, the party was a great deal of fun and I was so glad I could be there for my sister. Since I was the unofficial photographer of the evening, here are some of my favorite shots:

My sister getting ready before the presentation. Every other shot between ones like this one were of her making faces at me.

During the presentation, my dad changed my sister’s shoes from sneakers to high heels, which is a symbolic tradition that show her new maturity.

Then they did their father-daughter dance, which started out as a classic waltz…

But turned into a surprise choreographed routine! Apparently my mom was the only one in on it. They did everything from “Macarena” to “Thriller” and it was really, really cute.

This is one of my favorite shots of my sister during my parents’ speech to her before giving her a bouquet of 15 roses.

After the presentation was over, it was time for dinner, drinks, and dancing. The night completely flew by!
I was glad that by this point in our trip, my parents decided they really liked Alex and included him as much as possible in all the activities and during the party. I’m pretty sure my sister and her friends were up until 3 a.m. but Alex and I passed out way before then. We did manage to snap a few good pictures of us, including the following:

Now I’m back to the grind. Luckily for me, it’s Friday! I’m looking forward to having a fun, stress-free weekend. :)


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