geeky & girly, vol. 1

I’ve been inspired by some of my favorite blogs to start posting about the stuff I’ve found (and love) online. I’ve always considered myself a bit of a geek (you’re talking to a former anime nerd here) and I still tend to geek out over some cool/dorky things. But I can also be pretty girly too, if the mood strikes. Or if I see something glittery.
First up, something geeky:

YOU GUYS. These are custom-made Power Rangers hoodies. My inner 8 year old thinks these are SO COOL. And ok, present-day me thinks they’re awesome as well. But really, how great would these have been to own as a kid? Or now, even? Because I would probably, definitely jump on board if I had $85 dollars to spare. And for the record: I’d buy the Yellow Ranger hoodie. Possibly the Green Ranger one too.

And now, something girly: I’ve been doing my fair share of baking over the last few months, but haven’t really dabbled in cupcakes as much as I used to. Baking for my family and friends over the holidays made me realize just how much I miss making cupcakes. Not to mention this super cute kit from Modcloth that I’ve loved for basically ever now:

How pretty is that? It comes with 200 (!) patterned liners and matching flag toppers. There’s even a little booklet with tips and recipes. I know if I had this in my hands, as well as a decent piping bag, I’d be a non-stop baking machine! It’s been on my wishlist for a while now, so I have to buy it SOON.

And that was the first edition of Geeky and Girly! I hope to have more great stuff to share soon. :)


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