taking the windy city to texas.

Ok, the title of this post is probably a little misleading. I am technically taking the Windy City to Texas. But by Windy City, I mean the Windy City Dress I just got from ModCloth to wear to my sister’s birthday bash in a couple of weeks:

Behold the pretty! I’ve actually been eyeing this dress for a while but it was out of stock FOREVER. Also, I had no real need for a new dress until now. I saw that it was back in stock and just had to get it for next month’s festivities. So excited to get it and try it on! Now I just need shoes…

Also, the other way I’ll be “taking” the Windy City to Texas is that Alex (my born and raised in Chicago boyfriend) will be joining me. Yes, I will be introducing him to my parents. And the rest of my exceptionally large family. I met the majority of his extended family over Thanksgiving and it went really well. I explained to him that our families are similar in a lot of ways (us both being Mexican helps) but that mine is just… bigger and therefore, louder. Let me put it this way: my mom is one of 10 kids. Yes, TEN children. And all of her brothers and sisters got married and had kids. And some of those kids have had kids. So, that’s a lot of people. Just on my mom’s side of the family too.

This is also the first time since high school that I’ve ever brought a boy home, so naturally, it’s kind of a big deal. I’m nervous and excited, all at once. I have no doubts that my family will like Alex, because he’s pretty awesome and an all-around great guy. The only thing I’ll have to help him with is the language barrier. While we’re both Mexican, we were raised pretty differently. I’ve spoken Spanish fluently my whole life while Alex only has basic understanding of it. My family in Texas speaks English, but I’ll also have family from Mexico coming in that doesn’t. So overall, it should be an interesting (but hopefully fun) experience for everyone involved.

This trip is happening in two weeks! Here’s hoping I don’t end up packing the night before, like I usually do.


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