foto friday: making veggie meals

So, I’ve been a vegetarian for almost half my life now (I dropped meat like a bad habit when I was 13). But I’ve only recently really started to branch out in making veggie-friendly dishes for lunch. I’ve never been great at cooking and let’s be honest–I can be pretty lazy when it comes to making lunch. I’ll usually go the sandwich route or yes, even frozen meals.

Except recently I’ve decided that I kinda hate frozen meals. Especially because I have no variety when it comes to them; the majority of them focus on meat. They’re not filling (AT ALL) and they get pretty gross after a while.  I pretty much had the same reaction to ramen after college–I ate way too much of it during those four years and haven’t really been able to stomach the stuff since.

Also, I’ve recently been inspired by Alex, who is clearly the cook in our relationship. He loves cooking, much to my relief. And although he’s not fully vegetarian (what I kind of girlfriend would I be to deprive a man of his bacon?), he’s great about whipping up meatless meals for us. He’s also really good about hunting down blogs filled with yummy recipes and sharing them with me.

And thanks to one of those said blogs (specifically, Poor Girl Eats Well), I decided to dabble in making cheap, yummy meals for lunch. First up is a variation of her pesto couscous salad recipe, which you see pictured above. I just added in some more veggies (mushrooms and spinach) and voila! A delish and surprisingly filling lunch. No more sandwiches for this girl! … Ok, I’ll make sandwiches when I’m in a hurry. But I’m hoping this is the start of a good habit. :)


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