knitting with love

The blanket you see pictured above has been almost a year in the making. That’s right, it almost took me all of 2011 to knit this bright yellow baby blanket for my bestie’s new baby/my godson, Jax. I’ve never knitted anything so big, so that’s probably a huge factor as to why it took me almost 10 months to finish it.  Throw in my job, dating, running around Chicago, hanging with friends, and everything in between and yeah–I’m just glad I finished it in time to hand it over to Jax for Christmas, which was also the first I got to meet him. :)

Now, I had to deal with quite a few babies over the holidays–little cousins, nieces, and nephews. There was enough wailing and crying to swear me off even thinking about having kids until I’m 30. Which is why I have to commend my best friend for having a baby at our age–it takes time, dedication and just plain ol’ hard work. But Jax is the sweetest, calmest baby I’ve met in quite some time. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my godson. :)

From what I could tell, Jax was a big fan of his new blanket. So even though it took the majority of 2011, knitting it for him was well worth it. It’s a knitting project I took on with love–and although I’m not home often, I hope this little something is enough to tie me into his life and I can’t wait to see the little guy again in February!


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