cooking up a (small) storm!

Alex and I (ok, just Alex… sometimes I help out) really like making new, yummy dishes for dinner. We’ve been actively trying to eat out less, so we’re constantly scouring the interwebs for recipes to try and make. We’ve also recently become obsessed with all things Iron Chef, so that only furthers our need to make awesome dinners for ourselves. I’ve been a huge fan of A Cozy Kitchen for a while now (seriously, it’s such a great food blog) so we decided to give two small recipes a go: jalapeño bacon stuffed mushrooms and avocado fries. If they both sound amazing, that’s because they are. Mushrooms and avocados are pretty much two of my all-time favorite things to eat, so I was pretty pumped for this meal.

Due to my veggie ways, Alex and I switched out regular bacon and used soy bacon. For those who say boo to all things soy: I swear, it’s not awful! Soy bacon (we used the kind from Morningstar) is actually pretty decent. It smells and tastes the same; the only real difference is the texture of it, as soy bacon doesn’t get super duper crispy.

Anywho, I cooked the veggies together while Alex scooped out the stems from the mushrooms:

While we waited for the mushrooms to bake, we got to working on the avocado fries (all while watching the finale for The Next Iron Chef, of course). I dipped the avocado in the mixture and Alex fried them up:

The finished results were just as awesome as we had hoped they would be. We pretty much inhaled this meal! I definitely want to try making them again. :)

Afterwards, I made Alex his birthday cake: a chocolate stout cake (using Guinness, his fave beer), which is a recipe I got from my other fave food blog, Smitten Kitchen.  The original recipe called for a chocolate ganache but I worried that would be a bit too sweet, so I went with my usual favorite frosting instead: cream cheese + whipped cream frosting, flavored with a cream stout (which we also had on hand at the time, haha). It turned out really yummy! But that cake will get its own blog post. :)


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