so long november!

Is it just me or did the month of November manage to disappear completely? I blinked and suddenly, we’re only a couple of days away from December.

So what exactly has happened since I last posted? Hmm, well quite a bit…

* Alex and I went to Beer Hoptacular, a super amazing event held at the Aragon. A bunch of different breweries from all over the country were in attendance and we got to sample so many delicious beers. One of my surprising favorites: Blue Moon’s spiced amber ale. It’s got just an aftertaste of cinnamon that I’m sorta obsessed with. Yum!

* Finally caught another game with my fellow Wildcats at the Northwestern bar in Lincoln Park, Kendall’s. The place was pretty empty (it was a home game and hardcore fans go to Evanston for the game–oops!) but we had a lot of fun. And we beat Rice!

* My 6 month anniversary with Alex was yesterday, but we decided to celebrate the day before Thanksgiving. I got him some handmade whiskey glasses from Etsy and he got us tickets to see one of my favorite bands: City and Colour. Dallas Green is AMAZING live, ya’ll. We sat up on the upper section and had a decent view; we were also both amazed that we could hear him whenever he stepped away from the mic. Such a good show!

* I spent Thanksgiving in the suburbs with Alex and his family. His parents are really nice and gracious (they let us stay the night instead of driving back to Chicago late) and the rest of his family was really welcoming. He was a little worried that his family would be overwhelming, but it turns out they’re really not. Although both our families are Mexican, mine is much bigger and therefore waaay louder. :)

Otherwise, I’ve been working on freelance gigs and both my part-time jobs. While it would be nice to find something full-time again soon, I’m trying to prepare myself (and my budget!) to work with what I’ve got going on right now. I’m also so, so excited for the holidays. I get into the Christmas spirit pretty easily and I’m going home in a matter of weeks! I hope I can stay on top of my blogging too.


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