she’s just like the weather.

Well, quite  a bit has happened since I last blogged. I was got laid off, as you all know, and since then (and my since my last post), I’ve hurriedly tried to find a job (or two). I’ve been incredibly fortunate enough to find find two part-time jobs that should at the very least cover my bills. One job is doing customer service for a media company and the other is doing web and social media for my alma mater, the latter of which I’m fairly excited to dabble in.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and as days continue to pass, I am now fairly certain that a job in the editorial realm is just not in the cards for me. Sure, I’ll keep freelancing because it’s what I enjoy doing. But as full-time job or a career? I just don’t think it’s for me anymore.

Coming to this realization is almost depressing. It’s also scary and exciting. I’ve loved journalism for a very long time. At 18, my dream was to become a music journalist in New York, but now at 25, my dreams and goals have very much changed. I know I’m still young enough to rework my career path but at the same time, I worked towards one specific goal for a very long time, it’s sad to ultimately walk away from it.

So what’s next? Frankly, I’m not very sure. I’m hopping something will come my way next year that I’ll completely love or at least be really excited to take on. Until then, life goes on, albeit on a tighter budget and sans insurance.

As for the title of this post, it comes from my latest music obsession, the one of the tracks from Florence + the Machine’s new album, Ceremonials, which comes out on Halloween. It’s called ‘Landscape’ and is a really great song. I’d recommend listening to it here.

She’s just like the weather

Can’t hold her together

Born of dark water

Daughter of rain and snow


4 thoughts on “she’s just like the weather.

  1. Kiley

    I’m so sorry about your job Dani, but it’s good to hear you talking about the future with an open mind. :) You never know what doors will be open for you now!

    I’ll be putting out good vibes my dear. <3

  2. Kyla Roma

    Your part time jobs sound like a great mix of creativity & bill paying- while they’re not what you hoped for I hope you fall in love with them & they lead to a full time position that’s perfect for you :)


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