enjoying the indian summer.

The sidewalks in Chicago are suddenly covered in yellow and red leaves. Fall is, by all appearances, already here. But the air is barely cool and the sun is still warm. If not for the leaves, and well, the fact that’s it October, you could still close your eyes and pretend it’s the first few days of summer instead.

This city is being graced with a lovely period of Indian summer and I’m enjoying it immensely. I know that perhaps by this time next week, it will be chilly first thing in the morning and I’ll be longing for boots and scarves once again.

Until then, though. I’ll wear my favorites pair of sandals and still hear the familiar crunch of leaves underneath my feet. I’ll try and enjoy one more meal at an outdoor patio. I’ll squeeze one more cup of iced coffee. And I’ll listen to Pedro the Lion’s ode to this exact kind of weather before moving back in my new fall playlist. <3


One thought on “enjoying the indian summer.

  1. Miriam

    Autumn is a lovely season! Though instead of sandals I picked my winter jacket out of the closet..hm..But the light, the leaves and the smell of rain, burned leaves and apples are the best!


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